The YoyoExpert Forums Old School Trick Contest! Starts August 12th - Ends September 30th

The YoyoExpert Forums Old School Trick Contest! This contest is organized by @codinghorror and yours truly.

This contest will run from August 12th to September 30th. This is the time any participants have to submit their routines in this thread!


Contest objective: to recreate the most 1A-styled tricks presented in this video in any order into a one-take 2 minute routine.

LIST OF TRICKS with timestamp (CLICK HERE to expand)
Name Creator
whipper snapper Jason Olier
the knit Taylor Whitley
wild thing Dave Schulte
worm hole John Gates
washing machine Doc Pop
milan’s twist Milan Brewer
behind the back rollercoaster Chris Neff
double pulley Paul Escolar
flamboyance John Huber
regenerate trapeze Dale Oliver
einstein baby David Keele
seasick Gary Longoria
the zipper Marc McBride
johnny around the corner Cliff Coleman
ambri ?
black hole ?
tape measure ?
van gogh ?
hyper pinwheel David Capurro
eli hops ?
u-turn Michael Sonnefeldt
mach-5 Joel Zink
olier ?
lactose intolerant ?
valuable twister ?
texas cowboy Doc Pop
cinco de nada ?
kawada’s world ?
bucket of clay Clay Murray
swiss alps ?
the flower John Higby
french alps Jason Tracy
bangkok express Nevin Dechsi
backchaser Kenneth Cairns
thumbsplitter ?
super bounce ?
atomic hip-hop ?
morpheus baby ?
double twist ?
matrix Doc Pop
back pass stalls ?
meltdown ?
mcbride rollercoaster ?
dunk shot ?
atomic fakey ?
slinky ?
the grind ?
resurrection ?
split the cradle Mark Vargas
electro cyclone ?
trampoline Sean Curran
gnip gnop
twisty trapeze Nick Williams


  1. The three submissions that fit the most tricks in a 2 minute routine win.
  2. First, Second and Third place will be awarded based on the criteria above.
  3. You can get extra points for making your submission cool to watch. Make it flashy!

Trick execution

  1. Have fun! This contest’s main purpose is to make something fun.
  2. This is an old school trick contest, so you must use a responsive yoyo for your submission. This means the yoyo needs to be able to come back to you with a tug of your hand. No unresponsive or binds allowed.
  3. You must call out the name of the trick you’re doing as you do it. You can also put text in your video with the name of each trick and its creator (if available) if you prefer.
  4. Any trick you perform must be recognizable as the one in the source video.
  5. We will consider a trick “landed” for every trick done and finished with the yoyo returned back in your hand.
  6. We don’t ask for high level trick performance, but please try your best at landing every trick.
  7. For the specific tricks you can do, please click or tap the LIST OF TRICKS directly under the video above ↑ ↑ ↑
  8. For repeater tricks, 3 repetitions minimum would be ideal. However, personally I wouldn’t discard the trick if you only did 2 repetitions, as long as it shows you can do the trick properly.

Video submission

  1. Your video submission must contain 2 minutes maximum of tricks. It can be shorter if you want.
  2. The trick part of your video submission must be one take. No clips edited together for the routine.
  3. Players must wear a dark colored shirt and string must be visible. Try your best at having good lighting too. A dark background is optional but we will appreciate it. Help us (and everyone) see your tricks better!
  4. Your video submission must be in shot in landscape mode. NO VERTICAL VIDEO.
  5. Your video can have music if you want to. If it does, make sure everything is PG-13.
  6. For consistency purposes, please upload your video to Youtube and submit the link to the video in this thread. You can make the link unlisted if you please.


:gift: One random participant will win this box set with two yo-yos, so just entering to this contest gives you a chance to win something no matter what!

a Worlds Butterfly XT, and an Exotic Throws Salamander, which is a 7075 monometal.

:3rd_place_medal: Third (3rd) place, the prizes will be a MagicYoyo Stealth, a YoyOfficer Yacare, a TopYo Impulse, and a $25 YoyoExpert Gift Card.

:2nd_place_medal: Second (2nd) place, the prizes will be a YoyoJam Eneme, a YoyoFriends Magpie, a One Drop Dang 2, and a $50 YoyoExpert Gift Card.

:1st_place_medal: First (1st) place, the prizes will be a TopYo Colossus 3, a CLYW Gnarwhal 2, a YoyoWorkshop Halyard 2, and a $100 YoyoExpert Gift Card.

If any of the winning routines includes the trick “Washing Machine”, the higher place winner will receive a signed Weekender yoyo by @docpop .


This contest will run from August 12th to September 30th. This is the time any participants have to submit their routines in this thread!


I love that @EOS44 is taking this on WITH @codinghorror. The alliance of the ages!


These are some killer prizes - probably wont win against all these old school throwers on here, but it’s worth a try! lol


You never know. With this contest, skill is not that much the deciding factor as a lot of the tricks to choose are easy. It’s more about how you put them together in a routine :wink:


I will say some of them are easier, but some of the stuff is still pretty advanced for fairly new throwers. Excited to give it a try though - almost wondering if it might be easier to do it with a responsive.


Umm… you have to do it with a responsive. :slight_smile:


Oops missed that in the rules - okay, looks like I need to buy myself a responsive lol


Read the rules my fellow lads!


Oof :joy:

Perfect time to buy a plstc


I’m literally looking at those right now! Bummed that the Pearl and Unknown ones are already sold out tho


If Josh enters its over for everyone :joy:


I read this to mean one trick per throw. Do the trick, return to hand.

This though makes me wonder if the rule means you can do several tricks and they’ll count if you return the yoyo to your hand. I don’t see a “routine” (like when I think yoyo routine) possible if it’s one trick then return.

My hope is that the rule is one trick then return.


What are the rules on repeaters and slight variations. For example on the zipper do we need to do the same number as the vid? For variations on Eli hope to we need to the roll they do or just hops?

These are just examples that can hopefully expand to all tricks.


More style points if you do it like in the video IMO

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I’m game if I can find a responsive yoyo


I can’t believe there’s people without a responsive yoyo :joy:


I mean I have one but not a good one haha

Lol I started unresponsive. Never had a resposive one haha

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The rule is do one trick, return to hand, the proceed to the next trick. When I mention “routine” it’s more about the order and cobination of tricks you choose to do.

For repeaters, 3 repetitions minimum would be ideal. However, personally I wouldn’t discard the trick if you only did 2 repetitions, as long as it shows you can do the trick properly. For Eli Hops I don’t require you to do the roll, you can do it or not.

I will add this clarifications to the rules.


Now that’s just not right :joy:

I can’t imagine a kid coming up to me with a responsive yoyo and I’m over here, never having used one or done a forward pass in my life.