What about this old school trick contest idea?


I’m thinking of a trick based contest… who can recreate the most of these old-school tricks into one routine (in any order?)

I am ruling out any 2a or offstring tricks

whipper snapper
the knit
wild thing
worm hole
washing machine
milan’s twist
double pulley (paul escolar)
regenerate trapeze (dale oliver)
einstein baby (david keele)
seasick (gary longoria)
the zipper (marc mcbride)
johnny around the corner (cliff coleman)
black hole
tape measure
van gogh
eli hops
2 yo-yo ferris wheel
chines jump rope (jennifer baybrook)
earthquake (benny mcphee)
lactose intolerant
valuable twister
texas cowboy
cinco de nada
bucket of clay
swiss alps
freehand trapeze teeth
the flower
vertical boing boing
french alps
bangkok express
super bounce
atomic hip-hop
morpheus baby
double twist
back pass stalls
mcbride rollercoaster
dunk shot
atomic fakey
the grind
split the cradle
electro cyclone
gnip gnop
twisty trapeze

Favorite Responsive Yoyo (Old School Trick Contest)
(Gethin) #2

This video is my new source of inspiration


so siqqqqqq

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({John15}) #4

Is this like an official contest?

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We’re discussing this at the moment.

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(Gethin) #6

I think it would be a good contest, but the yo-yos gotta be responsive like in the video

(From the cranky old folks home) #7

I agree, use what was current at the time. In some cases the trick requires that in any event. And you need to end the trick with the fly back return…

(Gethin) #8

Definitely a fly back return haha, if anything everyone’s gonna get super honed with the narrow catch zones and low spin times!


I think requiring responsive would make it too hard. I just want to see people do ancient tricks that everyone has forgotten about… and a bunch of them :wink:


Some other thoughts on rules

  • You get max 2 minutes to do as many of these tricks as possible (is that short enough? I don’t want everyone to have to watch really loooong videos)
  • You must call out the name of the trick you’re doing as you do it
  • Trick has to be recognizable as the one in the source video
  • :cool: Style points awarded at my discretion so make it FLASHY :dancer:
  • Nobody will be penalized for not getting a trick perfect, also nobody will get extra points for making a trick exactly perfect, just get it in the ballpark of the original so it’s recognizable (and call it out, of course).

This is more of a “for fun” thing than showing off how Worlds you can perform, to be clear, I don’t want it to be stressful.

(LJ) #11

Well lots of those tricks will actually be much harder without a responsive yoyo. Fly away dismount for example needs to have response.

That being said, very cool contest idea.


We could remove any of the tricks that absolutely require responsive… there’s quite a few in the list. I already removed several that looked like looping 2A or offstring tricks to me?

(also couldn’t you replace the return with a bind of your choice in most cases?)

(LJ) #13

I’d have to watch it again to see. There are more for sure though. Tape measure for example. (Which is a really really cool trick)

Maybe leave the whole list intact and let people use their discretion as to what kind of yoyo to use? I’d make them use the same yoyo for the whole thing though, any advantages you get doing the matrix, for example, with an unresponsive yoyo will be negated when can’t do something that requires a response.


What is gnip gnop?
Ping pong trick?


Dude this is THE video that got me into throwing, I wish it was available on DVD. I know I’ve mentioned this before already but it really was huge to me. As a kid I already stoked about the demonstration, coming home all excited and happy with my renegade, but man when I popped that VHS tape in the VCR it blew me away. Seeing guys like Steve brown and Doc Pop for first time, and their style, I mean that’s a wrap, I went from just excited to learn some basic tricks to I’m all in! :star_struck:

(From the cranky old folks home) #16

Some of these tricks require a responsive yoyo. To eliminate them dilutes the spirit of it all.

(Gethin) #17

I also think they should be responsive, but if more people will participate and learn some of these rad tricks unresponsive, that’s cool too, I’ll just make my entry responsive!


Am I seeing this correctly? With the Washing Machine trick, doc actually takes the yoyo off the string, does the trick, and bounces it back into the string? Meaning that it is not an offstring trick? Holy crap.

Im also curious if each highlighted trick and player was invented by them or was just a showcase of the trick?

(Mk1 Yoyos) #19

Yep! doc pop invented a lot of really interesting/unconventional tricks.


That’s one of the most creative tricks ive ever seen. Id never be able to get the string off though, and on a responsive yoyo? Sick.