yoyojoes contest?

does anybody that goes there know the age group allowed to compete?

I’ve only been 2 yoyoclub once, and 2day I can’t…I’ve heard about the competition from my friend DYonch. You should PM him I think he’ll probably know.

well, what was the age group for the yoyo club?

any one! there are like 4 to 40 yr olds

Yeah i went there once (want to go again) and saw some little kids learning their first throw, and some teenagers (somewhere around teen) there I do believe all are welcome. did you check out their site?

Yea its anywhere from beginners to actual world champions. Tyler Severance, Jon Rob, and A.J. Kirk go there. You can look them all up on youtube they’re amazing! A.J. taught me the plastic whip! The great thing is that they can help you with any trick ever invented basically. And wow, a lot of people are from this area, what r ur names?

yeah i checked out their website! it didnt have much info on the contest though. anybody know what the prize will be???

oh, one more thing. is it free? the contest and the club?

idk about the contest, I might go 2 yoyojoes 2day so i might ask. I’ll also ask my friend. Yoyoclub is free (other than the yoyos) and every 5 tricks you learn on the trick list there, you get a prize. Wats ur name? it looks like a lot of people go 2 yoyojoes here!

i havent actually been there. i was just thinking about the contest. so you most likely dont know me. and WHAT DO YOU MEAN EVERY 5 TRICKS YOU LEARN YOU GET A PRIZE??? lol (a little over dramatic) thats a great way to motivate yoyoers! props to you yoyojoes lol

yes its free, the contest is only trick latter

Well the first 5 tricks are like rlly easy, so you get a sticker.
Then next 5 tricks are intermediate, so you get string
Then I think you get money to yoyojoes after that (slack trapeze is the last trick)

what is the trick list? sorry for all the quesstions, but contests are new to me ;D

i mean, the trick list you mentioned, is that the sports ladder list? or is it a random list?

I am not sure what trick list they are going to use for the contest, but the trick list for the yoyo club goes like this

  1. sleeper (3 seconds)
  2. Walk the dog (1 foot)
  3. Break away (shoulder to shoulder)
  4. Rock the Baby (3 full rocks )
  5. Flying suacer ( 1 side)
  6. Dizzy Baby (3 full rocks and spins
  7. braintwister (1 summer sualt)
  8. trapeze
  9. double or nothing
  10. spit the atom (three somersualts)
  11. Double on trapeze (lindy loop)
  12. advanced split the atom (3-3-3)
  13. Mach 5 (3 reps)
  14. boingy boing ( 5 reps)
  15. Mcbride roller coaster
  16. Eli hops (3 reps)
  17. cold fusion
  18. Gerbil
  19. pop n’ fresh
  20. Kwijibo
  21. Shock wave
  22. spirit Bomb
  23. Suicide catch (2 reps) :-X
  24. Iron whip (2 reps) 8)
  25. Slack trapeze

whoooo (i didnt copy and paste) How does Samad do this?

i went i think 2 weekends ago and joe wasnt there im 19 and there were 2 younger kids, tyler (also my name) and i think A.J. but im not sure if it was him (didnt really ask) i can already do all but 2 or 3 things on the trick list so i didnt bother with that. it was ok but im sure that with more people its much better :slight_smile:

whats advanced split the atom, and how do you do the flying saucer with an unresponsive yoyo?

OH MAN!!! I just went to yoyojoes today and got an aquarius…I can’t believe I forgot to ask about the contest! I got the tricklist, but it looks like bonesraphs got that covered, so yeah.

Navy or Lime?

Lime. It was so worth it. You were right the big yo snagged even when I threw it.