i aspire to inspire.

so i started a yoyo club at school. only me and 2 other friends do it during the club time, but a few kids come to me outside of club and want to learn a trick, but none of them understand the basics very well. i think i thought of an idea and i would like to hear feedback.

so after spring break, i will start a yoyo trick ladder contest. who over spring break can learn the most yoyo tricks? the only thing is that i need to make a prize that people who don’t yoyo would say, “hay, i want that and all i have to do is learn a few tricks,” but at the same time, make it yoyo related. any ideas?

oh and the trick ladder will be the learn section on yye. and i will make a sleeper contest, because the base to all tricks is to maintain a long and strong sleeper.

That’d be kinda hard. If you offer a yoyo, non-yoyoers will most likely not be interested. If there is a small cash prize people would most likely be interested.

the idea is good but as paolo said the prize idea is going to be difficult, you could offer a small cash prize for people not interested in yo-ing say $10 or for people who are looking to really get into yo-ing you could offer one of your own yoyo’s you started out on.

How about A FHZ or FH2 and 25 bucks to the Winner.

my only freehand is a friends freehand 2 that i am modding for her, but i was planning on $20 or something

That should be fine.

This is a good idea, but here is something else to do to attract more attention. At the next talent show, show off your skills and make a mention of the yoyo club at school. When everyone sees what you can do, and when they find out that they can have you teach them, that should get plenty of people to come.

i go to a small highschool. 7-12 grades, there are around 500 students. every monday and every other thursday, the whole school goes to “town meeting” or basically a meeting where clubs can give out information, sports teems can tell people about games, people can preform and plenty of other stuff. anyone can make an anouncement and and i have preformed inorder to gain interest in the club twice already. people say they want to learn but in the club, there are like 2 people and me. outside of the club, ten different people ask to learn a new trick every week. this week i will put up posters about the club and the competition, and on monday i will make an anouncement. the posters will go something like this: YoYo Club, Tuesdays at lunch in the atrium. Learn tricks from Max Reinisch, whether it is how to throw, or how to spirit bomb, all levels welcome. Buy yoyos and learn tricks at yoyoexpert.com.

then information about the contest. i decided i will hold it 2 weeks after the end of spring break and the prize will be a Stratavari. jk, probably the razor yoyo when it comes out, plus $25.

The scoring will go like this: Doing the trick asked well will award 1 point. doing it correctly but sloppily, like if it spins out but the trick still is finished or something, no points will be awarded but you will not loose a life. you will have 3 lives (3 mistakes and you are done, or just get to a point too advanced) and it will be exclusively 1a.

any other ideas for prizes or advertising?

Maybe you can buy an intermediate yoyo dvd as a prize :wink: