any ideas on how to raise yoyo awarness?

any ideas?? YYE should get a bill board.

Make a twitter or face book maybe

Or maybe put up posters around your neighborhood

This is what I do:

1: I carry a yoyo everywhere. My DM2 is on a very stylish leather yoyo holder that ALL of you should have. It is out where people can see it.
2: Play when you can, BUT be mindful of your surroundings.
3: Bring a beater when you can for others to try.
4: Take requests if you can do the trick. Answer questions, be friendly.

I am also organizing meetings. Saturdays aren’t working out so it’s gonna be Sundays only. It hasn’t been hugely successful, but it’s been enjoyable. Just me and one other guy, but we hope to lure more out.

Keep it positive, keep it fun! Present yoyo in it’s best possible image. Even if you’re not that good(like me), just remain positive and keep having fun.

Just like what studio did.

You playing a yoyo for others to see is the best promotion possible.




This sounds like the best idea out of all of them (Tied with studio42)

I agree with all of these ideas…

I would add: carry a yoyo with you to give away. I try to pick up a
Duncan at the local grocery store with the intent to pass it on to some
one so they can catch the bug.

Duncan Imperials are not much to invest to promote yoing…

Just a thought…

I try to YOYO where ever I go and so people tricks. I have given away several yoyos to people that are intrested and I’m trying to start up a yoyo club in my area. People also love to see videos even if they are not part of the community so put some up on your facebook page for your friends to see. You never know who you will get into yoyoing.

Just yoyo where people can see you, yoyoing in public just catches eyes, and then people will start to ask questions. Form that point on it goes on naturally.

As everyone else has said, have a yoyo to give away. Hunt around dollar stores, you occasionally find one that carries adequate starter yoyo’s. Try to get into schools and community centers and do demonstrations. Doesn’t have to contest level performance, just stuff that will interest beginners. See if you can get a gig at local farmers markets, they often like to have entertainment for kids there, I do that and sell cheap yoyos as well.

I just gave away a yoyo today. A kid saw me doing tricks a week ago and his mom bought him some real cheap yoyo that broke today so I gave him a duncan dragonfly. Showed him rock the baby and Eiffel tower he was excited. That’s the best way to get people into it take some time.

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  1. Get a blimp that promotes yoyoing :smiley:

  2. You could do a performance for your town, show them your skills and they’ll probably being intrested in yoyoing.

  3. Like other people said, start a yoyo club. Lend someone your yoyo over the weekend.

  4. Last of all, be nice, carry around a beater for people to try, and just show non-yoyoers how fun yoyoing can actually be!


About to do my call of duty, that is, taking yoyos to youth softball games. Kids (and adults) are mesmerized by some of the tricks I pull off. Some kids run up to their parents showing them what I’m doing and often leads to “where do you get those kinds of yoyos at?” I often point them here or the local Toys R Us, and here for tricks.

In that sense, we should try and rack up as many YYE stickers (or, have beginner YYE-branded yoyos to give to them) and pass them out like business cards as most kids will forget the site by the time they get home.

On the sticker side of things:

I recently ordered a 72-yoyo case and the surface is pretty much sticker un-friendly. It’s a great case though!

If I wasn’t trying to organize a yoyo meet and people needing something to identify me for the purposes of “oh yeah, right spot, right people” and if I had them, I’d wear yoyo-related shirts and hats. One of the guys in my group does. But, feel free to wear your yoyo attire anywhere, anyplace, anytime!

Also, I think the YYE trick list we can print out is nice to have in quantity, but a bit more nicer is the trick list/trading card list that’s been sent with every order recently.

I’m debating on having 100 yoyos with my brand stuff on it made up. At those numbers, it comes down to like 89-cents a unit. I might hit them up for a free one just to see if it is decent enough.

Now I’m wishing I brought my Velocity with me. I let some kid try my yoyo but made him aware it won’t come up. I did show him a velocity on YYE via my phone. He was able to throw some sleepers and was working at the simple bind I showed him. He got excited when he felt like he had it. An excited newb is a good thing in my books.

i believe YYE should host a competition on how many stickers you can post in a single city/town. Giving the website and sport more popularity to the people who decide that they want to do it

yeah… I can see how this could get bad really quick.

Unless you have expressed permission, preferably in written format, that’s otherwise called vandalism.