Promoting Yoyo

can yoyoexpert tell the yoyojam to promote yoyoing in school… and in the other countries’ school… like sport… competing with other schools… using a yoyo… its kinda fun…

Good idea, but I don’t think it’ll ever be big enough for that because of the determination needed to get any good.

There are some people here that have clubs at their school though. Raises hands Maybe there will be competitions within the club.

I think of myself as a promoter. id yoyo in public and sometimes people will crowd sometimes people will just be blown away. sometimes, and this is my favorite, they’ll be like " where can i get one of those" or “I’m gonna get a yoyo now”. teach someone and tell him to pass it on. (sound familier?)

The best way to promote it is pretty much do it in public but do it with technicality, if you’re trying to promote it as a sport. Otherwise, just do simple stuff. We are kind of like missionaries spreading a belief.

this is really a good… idea… thanks …