What is a good way to get people in my school to yoyo?

So far, a few people in middle school have tried yoyoing because of me. I think that I can make a spark for yoyo once again


Start a club, do cool tricks in public spaces, let people try a yoyo specifically a beginner yoyo. Have fun


Give them yoyos to try, keep being a positive example, just play and hang out.

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Easy: just do cool tricks! I started yo-yoing in school on the first day. By the end of the quarter, I got 10 kids to buy Yoyos! Also, let them try your Yoyos! While they may get dinged, it will help them get into toying!

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I got a few kids into yo-yoing by starting a school club. If your school has school clubs I would make one and some kids may join.

im known as the yoyo kid at my middle school


same, I also go to middle schooland everyone calls me that.

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people come packing weapons, I come packin this:


:joy: same
My freind who is still a beginner but really into yo-yoing got yo-yos banned from his school even though he’s the only one with a yoyo

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My friends were really worried about me hitting someone and i hit the principal in the chin. he was chill about it tho.

As a fellow middle schooler, I just bring a cheap yoyo I don’t really care about (Butterfly XT/ fizz will work) and I teach my classmates at recess. There are also some kids who bring their own ( usually magicyoyo) and they do it to. My advice is to just do tricks that look cool to the average person (DNA/Godspeed) and that should interest them a bit.

:joy: good thing he didn’t mind
My grandma won’t let me yo-yo at her house because she’s way to worried about it flying around and will barely let me throw it in a big open room by myself, but my mom doesn’t mind at all and trusts I know what I’m doing

That’s what I’ll try to do too, some are annoyed about how into it I am, some don’t care, and some are interested and give it a try, ask for yo-yo recommendations, and I’ll tell them some starter ones I like, or let them borrow a cheap one of mine

I always have one in my pouch for someone to use usually an incredibly dinged atom smasher

Me and my friend started a Yoyo club at middle school and we have six people. We let them use responsive Yoyos like Spinstars and Snapbacks and when they get very good at Yoyo we let them use Yoyos like the Atom smasher and Replay pro. If you are not aloud to start a club then i would suggest to teach kids who are interested at recess.

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At my school everyone calls me Yoyo kid or Yoyo god but usually just Yoyo kid. :joy:


When I’m doing routines in the walkers room at school, the teacher says im not aloud to do neck tricks. Any

I just booped my yoyo onto someones shoulder when I was getting rid of an axle knot.