Middle School Yoyo Club

Since Yoyos were banned from the school I teach at about two weeks ago (first sign that the Boom has arrived), many of my students have been asking me to start a formal club after school. In the past the students would just hang out and yoyo in my class room after school as I was grading papers, the “club” was infromal, but now there needs to be an official club. So I got everything put together and formed an official club (boom sign #2)

The first meeting (just an informational meeting) was last Monday. Over 80 students from grades 6-8 showed up. (thats about 12.5% of the student body at this school, which is the third sign that the boom has arrived). Permission slips were passed out and many have already returned to me.

The first official Yoyo Club meeting at the school will be tomorrow after school. We will be meeting every week.
Do you all have any ideas for the Yoyo club? keep in mind most of the students are fresh throwlings, but there are a handful who are pretty good and a couple who are better than the average bear.

any input is appreciated.

If you ever want me to come help teach and demo I can. So was it 80 kids in a Classroom or like in a gym? You could have a Contest but you would need Experianced throwers to help Judge.

All I can say is you win the game!

well i started a yoyo club and i noticed that the hardest thing to teach was how to throw your yoyo. in my club, there is me, and two members who kinda just fool around most of the time, but one still learns. outside of the club, a few kids came and wanted to learn tricks (yoyos are not banned from my school). i taught them but the weird thing is that the best 2 yoyoers besides me in the school are not in the club. even though i have done 2 preformances infront of the whole school and everybody says they want to learn how to do that, few people actually take the time to do it. and one is my carpool so he just asks me questions on the car rides.

anyways, u will be more successful than me. i garentee it
as a tip, the advanced throwers should help the novice throwers. after everyone is around the same level, start having everyone learn a trick and share it the next week.

in a gym.
there wont be 80 students showing up every time we meet, the 80 students were just there to find out more about the club, like when we meet, and what they need to do to join (permission slips, passing grades, etc). I estimate about 30 people showing up consitently for the meetings after school each week.

Brayten, How far away do you live from martinsville again? how easy would it be for you to travel from where you are to here for some meetings?

I live in Shelbyville so about an hour away, but my dad is working down in the area and he drives from Here to there 2 to 3 times a week. So, I would be able to help if I’m needed or to Just be there to help out.

the throw is important, teach that first. AND teach them about this site! 30 more yoyoers? awsome… And maybe you can get a laptop and projector and use the learn section to show the people how to do tricks, Andre explains it very well so yah. Also how about breaking apart into 2 groups experienced and unexperienced groups so it doesn’t get boring for the good people and it doesn’t get too hard for the beginners.

the club is from 2:30 to 4:00 every thursday email/ pm for question
ps it is a martinsville east middle school

ya today was awsome but i got sooo many questions asked but it was fun

glad you had fun arthur.

It seems to me, this site is your biggest asset. Using the video tips and tricks on this very board, you could start a certification process. Each student, know matter how skilled must start at the beginner level and work there way through each of the skill levels. Have testing every month and give out a certificate to those who can complete a certain number of tricks for that level. It’s not like it is a college degree or anything, but would give them something to work towards.

For instance, they should be able to do all of the beginner tricks. Then for each level after that, they have to be able to do 75% of those tricks. Just an idea.

The only problem I see, is how do they bring their yoyos if they are banned. T+You know they won’t be able to keep them holstered all day until class.

I like that idea. I think I can make that happen, if only for the couple of months left in the current school year.

They can keep the yoyos in their lockers until the end of the day. That’s the advice i give. But by now they know pretty well which teachers really pay attention to the yoyo ban during the school day and which ones dont.

Hot diggity dog this is awesome. I’m a student in high school and tried this and ended up with like 8 people max, and maybe 2 or 3 consistently coming. It’s pretty lame. Hopefully next year will be better since this is the first year for it, but whatever. Nice job Dan. Can’t wait to see the progress.

Do all the kids have their own yoyos? Just curious. Also, I’m not sure what, but if you could figure out a small reward system, just a step farther from what yo brent said. Maybe like candy or something. Then if they get so far, they get something to help them with another style. (Maybe just a CW or 2, maybe a bigger/4a yoyo, maybe another one of the same kind for 3a, maybe a cheaper looper…)

Just a thought.