school club


I started a yoyo club at school! Today was the first meet, got ten people and about four got all the way to RIPCORD! It was so awesome! I’m creating new yoyoers!


My school denied my wanting to start a club. They said it needs to be “Educational”. So I’ve got like 4 people yoyoing and we usually throw a bit in e spare time between classes. We never had a problem, but today we had 2 teachers say they don’t want to see them anymore.

I think we need to resort to meeting up somewhere else. Grumpy Teachers these days…


Man, that stinks. I yoyo pretty uch all the time except for class.
that means halls, bathrooms, P.E…they don’t even mind. I wrote a “fancy” letter to the principal. Maybe the fancy part did it.
Even the teacher representative joined in!


Cool I might make one at my school i have lots of other kids that are interested Of my yo-yoing at lunch that and I dont see why not

(NotATyrant) #5

I want to, but there’s one one other public player @ my school and like 5 secret ones, and everyone thinks the guy (I’m a girl) is mean to people on purpose and they don’t want people to hit each other “on accident”, so it’s a possibility for me


Well bring it up an option is an option


I might true to start one at my pool with 2 friends of myn one has been yoyoing 20years



There is a website where you can download a 33 page “Teachers Guide, Teaching Science with the Yo-yo”. (I won’t put the website link here as it is a competitor.) I don’t know if it’ll help sell the idea of the validity of a yo-yo club at your school, but it’s worth a try. It truly is a comprehensive science teachers guide with quiz questions and everything. It’s written by a professor of Astronomy and Physics at Ball State University and a Middle School science teacher so it’s got some legitimacy to it. Now, it really is science and not how to Skin the Gerbil stuff, still in all it might help persuade the school’s administration yoyoing is indeed a very educational activity.

PM me if you would like the link.


Man banjospins I think its nice you did that for him


I’ve done this before