!!! embrace yoyoing at school !!!

Have you ever been to a school that has clubs after school. Chess clubs, animation clubs or a drawing club. I think YOU should make a move to make a yoyo club, if you don’t have such clubs ask a teacher. If this gets big enough we might be able to compete with other near by schools. I hope you will at least try to do this.
Thanks for reading!


Well there’s me, and then there’s… me.

im gonna ask tomarrow

great!! ;D

anyone els going to spred yoyoing population

No. I don’t want to.

Why not? It’s a good thing to do…

I already have a yoyo club going, had the first meeting yesterday.

everyone has there own opinion but personaly i think its a good idea im sure he has a good reason

I would rather hang out with my friends and socialize to meet new people. Just today I made 3 new friends-ish. All girls :stuck_out_tongue:

And considering the fact that I hate my lunch, and they have the same lunch as me, its a good thing.

we already have a club going and running for a few weeks now.
we got our teacher into it. he now throws a dv888 and he supervises.
we have our president, VP, secretary, and treasurer…

were all going to chico for nationals…

more than 15 of us… im pretty sure :wink:

and its not just talking about yoyos really…

we did it so we could have fun, teach each other tricks, and get new people into the yoyoing community.

now everyone that joined which is about 10 all have decent yoyos like the Lyn and Legacys
theyre happy,
we’re happy…
most of them can bind and do pretty basic tricks! :smiley:

everyone wins! :wink: :slight_smile:

this is a good idea to do in school. in my opinion.

I guess I will see all of you at nats


I’m actually looking at doing this. The problem I am having is no teacher is free to do it, but there is a leisure club and they just hang out so I’m going to be seeing if I can throw the yoyos into it. (Haha get it? Throw…the yoyos…Haha I’m hilarious. :P) But yeah, it’s a great idea if you don’t already have people into yoyoing.

Me and my friend tried this at our school but our principal wouldn’t let us because we only had 2 yoyoers at school me and my friend

this is when you start bustin out your yoyo at lunch or pasing periods…

that will get people to notice and maybe you can tell them a club is comin up…
all you need is people willing to learn

good so there are some people who have tryied an have also been succesful great.
yeah just show off your skills find people that are interested and try again do talent show or something.

Sorry I cant do it my school is so strict they dont let you bring a yoyo in to school I asked sorry if it was my old school definetly sorry :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[

thats ok you tried
thats what counts

I wish, but i’m in college hahaha ;D