Yoyo Club? -Idea

Wondering if I should. There’s been a miniboom, and now there’s around 7 people who throw… thing is, I’m kinda wary of a club… you all know bout the erm… negativities of yoyoing in public I’m sure… so should I start a club? But then again… we can always meet up at lunch and such without a need for a club… see where I’m going?

No I don’t. Please explain

The positives of yo-yoing in public out weigh the negatives. When it comes to a yo-yo club, it’s good to have about 7 people. The more people that are willing to teach the better. The reason why yo-yoing isn’t really noticeable is because not many people notice just one guy doing tricks. Now, when people start seeing a group of people then they will start getting curious. Humans have the nature of following what’s in and rejecting what’s out. When people start to see a group of people doing one thing then that’ll spark some drive.

Don’t be afraid, I was just the only guy at my school and now I’ve gotten 3 or four people (including our adviser teacher!) into it. You should be glad that there are people that got into this without your help as that shows there is hope in the school.

~Spin On!

Think of idiots coming at your string with scissors… and smacking your yoyo… and that. Although I do make special torture string for them. ::slight_smile:

@Chris… yea… but I’m wondering if a club is needed… cuz I really don’t see any point in one… but you know… maybe I’m just crazy?

I’ve never had any problem yoying in public… It doesn’t matter where I yoyo…

Lucky you :stuck_out_tongue:

There are a lot of people who judge us throwers. “What the hell dude why do you have a yoyo? How old are you? and why are you wearing a G-Shock?” haha ive gotten that when i throw at parties and stuff. If im at the train station or something I usually get compliments. Kids in HS can be cruel but dont worry you won’t see them after you go off to college and find yourself and all that stuff. I suggest learning the heart picture trick for girls if you catch any watching after pullin out a crazy impressive combo ;D As for the club I would say its not needed. 7 people… you guys should start a mailing list at first with email (if you guys email). I know I didn’t until I got to college. Find a time at lunch or something that sounds like a good idea. I am amazed your school has 7 throwers btw…

Those people who mess with you: you have a sphere and a string… you could… jk, don’t.

Those who come up to you like that are the kind of people that have nothing better to do than to find someone that has more potential than them to mess with. High School kids are a lot more open to things than you think. All you need is to find the right way to express this and a club will work. If you’re unsure whether starting a club is the right way to do it then try this:

Schools have performances, half-time show at games, rallys, and even more! Get your buddies to perform one show and if people show interest afterwards then that is the sign that you’re looking for! There are numerous ways on approaching this but there is only one way that is truly yours.

PS: What I did was instead of starting a yo-yo club, I started a Skill Toys Club where we not only do yo-yoing, but hacky sack, cup stacking, dice stacking, and other stuff. That’s another alternative to a specific yo-yo club.

Doesn’t really matter if they think yoyoing is a negative thing.

When they insult you, ignore them. It will show them that what they said was actually unnecessary and stupid. Also, try to gather a lot of people that actually gets impressed with your yoyoing. It will show them that a lot of people actually still yoyo.

When we got our free yoyos, this one gangster senior guy wanted one. Haha. Although I did not give him one because we know that the yoyo will be in a bad condition and never really goes to our club. There’s 27 people in my club that yoyos and that really gave us respect.

It was just me… and then this one guy wanted to, asked a bunch of his friends, and they all bought a few online. ;D

So a club’s not helpful huh?

true that, thats how i started to bring yoyo’ing into my highschool ;D

Obviously I still yoyo in public :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve even made special string for all the idiots out there trying to hit my yoyos. (Something to do with rough and string burns) Just wondering if a club would be beneficial or harmful or neutral.

In my opinion, it would be useful.

Anytime you get people together, with a common good clean fun goal in mind, it’s a wonderful thing. I’m currently setting up a club with my high school students. The interest is there.

Yoyoing in public can be motivating, but pick your atmosphere carefully if possible. Teachers won’t mind as long as it gets put away when it’s time to take care of responsibilities.

I can see the idea, but I think it wouldn’t do much for you, unless you really just want to get throwers together :wink: