what would you do?

I want to open a yo-yo club at my school but I don’t know any one who are interested in yo-yo so yesterday I threw at my school all day to find people to join my club.As I expected a lot people came to watch me doing trick and stuff but after an hour of showing off I start running out of trick
I just want to ask what would you do if you were me. ??? ???

Keep diggin. They never notice :wink:

Start over doing random tricks. Most people wouldn’t recognize that you were.

actually some people notice :o :o

Just keep having fun throwing. You’re more likely to get people interested if it looks fun than if it just looks really fancy and difficult.


thank you for all of your advice I’ve figured out that keep doing the same type of combo
by the way i got 2 people to join my club about 18 to ;go!!!
;D ;D ;D

Bring some spare yoyos and start teaching anyone who’s interested.

I say do it! That would deff be cool. What if I started one at my college? It’s a community college and I live in hipster capital of the world Portland. I feel like maybe it would catch on but I don’t have more then a few yoyos people could learn on that are responsive. Maybe I could buy fast 201s? Idk but good luck you should do it!

try to do combos
or do a trick and in the middle of it go to another(i hope you get what i mean)

Try doing a different style Yoyo play it could get them even more fascinated about joining!

Do some showy stuff and show off multiple yoyos. Basics, like Eli hops, Mach 5, and even walking the dog look neat to people who don’t know much about yoyos. Also, doing flashy tricks with a lot of motion will capture people’s interest.

Let people try yoyoing, refer them to a site (yye) where they could buy a yoyo or just learn more about it. Keep doing the tricks around school for a week or so, to gauge general interest, then put up a few sign up sheets in a couple different hallways, in places where people will see them.

You could also ask a teacher or the principle if you could speak up about yoyoing and your club at the next school assembly you have. If you are allowed to do so, bring up a yoyo or two and do a few tricks for the rest of the school. That way, the whole school sees how good you are and how awesome yoyoing is, and might want to join your club. Hope this helps!

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By the way, it will help to do your demos with a shiny, flashy metal that has a sick colorway and looks great. People will want the yoyo, making them also want to learn, making them also want to join your club!

I also wanted to start a club but I’m not in school so my only option to get it out there was a newspaper ad. It’s cheap and 90% of households get the daily paper. another idea is handing out flyers in school. Put the name of the club, times and places, who to contact and how and boom. 100 black and white flyers probably cost 10-15$ and the more people see them around, the more intriguing they become. If your serious about the club and can get a few bucks to invest you’ll be fine. Good luck

Make sure your tricks and yoyos look really professional, tell and show them what tricks they could learn and how long it would take. Also have a good reason why they should join your club (have fun, impress friends, etc…). Hope this helps ;D