Started a yoyo club at my school with my friend

Any ideas on what to do in it and advertising?

Nope, can’t imagine what you would do at a yoyo club, except maybe share tricks, try out yoyos the other guy has, hang out, impress girls… ???

What was the reason YOU started the club?

Endless opportunities!

Besides the obvious teaching each other new tricks or finding new tricks to be created, you can spend some time watching your favorite videos of your favorite players, maybe get some inspiration, have days solely for the sake of finding a new element or idea, maybe a day you try a new style. An open teaching day for beginners? Really, its only limited by your creativity.

As for advertising, word of mouth goes a long way, tell your non yoyo friends, your yoyo friends, maybe make a basic flier to put around the area?

Best of luck!

Great! I’m glad you’re entertaining the idea of sharing your passion for this hobby. I run a yoyo club at the school where I teach. What we do might be a bit different from a standard yoyo club, though. It’s designed to teach kids how to yoyo, so we get a lot of beginners who are starting with the gravity pull. But for those kids who already have experience, I made a system of tricks to be accomplished and colored strings to be earned - kind of like belt colors in martial arts. When all of the tricks in the first section are completed and can be done consistently, they get a yellow string to replace their white one. I can’t remember the exact order of the colors off the top of my head, but they include green, red, orange, blue, some swirled colors and the final color string is, of course, black. This way, the kids can work together to accomplish new tricks and help their friends too.

To get more kids interested, we actually have an assembly for the clubs where we make presentations. I do a few tricks and then show a video of me doing a series of tricks strung together for a minute or so. To advertise your club, you could do a video and post it on YouTube and then email, facebook or tweet a bunch of your friends with the link. You could even make a facebook club page to share pics and videos.

There are lots of ways to go here, so just have fun with it. That’s why you yoyo in the first place, right? Good luck! ;D

Our plan is to mostly teach, because most of the kids that signed up are beginners or have never touched one before. Our approach is to start them off on unresponsive, because I have introduced many friends into yoyoing through unresponsives and they are able to pick it up pretty quick.

Get some YYF One’s or some yo-yo of that caliber to teach people the basics. My experience with teaching kids yo-yo is that only a handful of the kids actually stick with it. I taught a class and of the 11 kids only 2 of them went on to learn harder tricks.

I think teaching people unresponsive play is the best way to go. Because like you said, now a days people tend to pick up on something very quickly. I would teach them the basic binds and mounts and then go from there. Most importantly just make sure they are having fun as they learn. As sometimes it can get frustrating and will make them want to quit. Maybe even teach them a little bit about the history of yo-yoing, let them know that even professionals make mistakes, and most importantly that everyone starts out a beginner but through hard work and dedication they can really take something as simple as a yoyo and make it amazing.