Please give me some pointers on starting a yo-yo club!!! Thanks!!!

Hey, can anyone please give me some good pointers on finding out if there are any people who “YO” in my area? I mean can anyone just please give me some pointers on how to start a good yo-yo club/team? Thank you very much!!!

find a place you can use all year long. A free one preferably, and show up their every week no matter how much you don’t feel like it.

Bring yoyos that you don’t mind others using and bring responsive yoyos for beginners.

Make flyers, and cards to hand out.

List it on craigslist, if your paper has a local activities section list it there too. Post it on Facebook, and the forums.

Make a emailing list, and get people who show up, to give you their email so you can send out reminders, and updates about the club.

Make a name. :slight_smile:

Also make a game of it, have a prize for people who show up a lot, or complete a certain set of tricks.

Bring music if you can, but something that a general populous will like.

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Yup, all of what Schnayke said. Plus some stuff…

When I started yoyoing, I found a hobby shop near my house that was locally owned and stocked yoyo string along with the basic Duncan and Yomega stuff. So I ended up there every week or so to pick up string, while there i would spend some time hanging out and throwing. It wasn’t long before the guys at the store picked it up too. With all of us throwing, the stock of yoyos started to change. First they stocked YYJ. (huge thanks to YYJ) Then others, like SPYY, ILYY, Yoyofactory and others.

Shortly after the store started to stock YYJ, I started to get pretty good with a yoyo. I did it, and still do, everywhere I go, grocery stores, bars, gas stations, picking up my kids from school, ect. When people would ask me about yoyoing, I would always tell them about Galaxy (the store).

Galaxy started to sell more yoyos, and I found myself spending a lot of time just hanging out there, helping the guys that work there with tricks, learning new tricks, whatever. So when people on the street would say things like “hey that’s cool… wish I could learn…” I would tell 'em that I would be down at Galaxy on Tues night or whenever I was gonna be there next, and maybe they would show up and I would walk them through some basic tricks, or help them by a yoyo for they son or daughter.

This all lead to starting the club. It was alot of work, still is, but I love to yoyo, and will keep doing whatever I can to promote the sport/hobby/whatever, because it makes me happy.

If throwing everyday, makes you happy, share that with those around you. Have fun and people will have fun watching you.

There is a lot more that has gone into it, pins, flyers, headaches… Start small find some throwers around your city, if you can’t find 'em, make 'em. I did it and I am just some freak who still plays with a yoyo…

Check out our little clubs facebook

This is what I did:

Set a time and a place.

Go there. No matter what!

Don’t get discouraged.

Keep it up.

Throw anyways. Have fun.

Post in advanced and to many places.

I don’t really want to make a club or anything formal. Just an organized time for yoyo and other skill toy fans to hang out and enjoy their unique talents(or lack there-of in my case), learn, share, improve, try stuff, and heck, BST if they want to. I’m just trying to build community. I don’t want to exclude anyone, as all are welcome. Kites, diabolo, cubes, jugglers of all kinds, yoyo, frisbee, footbags, magic, cardists and more, it’s all good. Just have a big bunch of people who do out of the ordinary things hanging with other like minded types for a good time and for mutual enjoyment. Heck, some people just need an audience to perform to, and I know this type of arrangement will cater well to that.

I’m also going to step up and get introduced to some “bigger fish” in the area and work with them. For me, it’s not about ME or my ego, it’s about having fun and sharing the fun. I may have not to great yoyo skills, but I am really enjoying what little I can do and what to share it with others.

I also don’t want to be exclusive or “push my brand/group/meeting”. I fully intend to take some time to visit other meets within reasonable distance. I’m going to be organizing a monthly trip to San Jose to meet that club on a regular basis. I might hit one in SF as well, again perhaps on a regular basis.

Don’t do it for ego or fame. Do it because you want to enjoy what it is you enjoy and to spread it for others.


Truth ^