popularizing yoyos

okay, this is just a reminder ,but don’t mistake it for a suggestion. WE NEED TO DO THIS. My inspiration for this started when this guy brings a duncan pulse he got for xmas to my skool. One kid who is better known starts to bring his and suddenly he had six people. Then i started and kinda got better than the rest. I showed my science teacher one day and he said we should start a meeting that takes place just before lunch. So we did. At first we only had like 15 people ( which at the time i thought was a good number,) but then eventually peoples moms and dads started to ask which elective they took in their spare time. So they showed them a few beginner tricks i was teaching them. Their siblings would see them and begin too take a look at andre’s vids. Now we have over 100 people in the school doing it and i am scheduled to perform at 2 classes and 1 assembly. The point of this was nowhere near to brag, it was to say get out their and spread the news that hundreds of new tricks have been started and we are in need of innovators. I’m getting tired of hearing about the same 50 or so people who have placed in competitions! ;D

This hobby needs more folks of your caliber. Keep up the good work.

thanks man!

ive gotten 3 of my friends to start yoyoing not as good as you though…lol

thats good though, i remeber when someone stole my ooch yo about 2 weeks back and took it home i was like…okay, this is good, at least hes interested in it and maybe he’ll learn a few tricks. Sure enough he came the next day with the cradle, walk the dog, and pop the clutch under his belt. He even brought it back with a new coloring job ( to disguise that it was his, but he confessed!) :wink:

Wow… I only got one person… and 1/2 a person.

I cant get my friends to yoyo- They think i’m like superhuman or something. But I am looking into a yoyo club in MN!!

yeah for some reason i havent had that problem. There is like a determination disease in my school!

I havent gotten my friends to yoyo. Their flaw is their hubris to stick to the popular group. I believe I am one of two that yoyos in my school if not my area and the only one that practices and actually have the yoyo with me.

thats a tough situation, as i mentioned in the story, what really helped us was my best friend, who is really in that “group” took up yoyoing

Yeah… I’m kinda getting it… the guy just needs a yoyo… other than the cheap duncan one he has… like a mosquito or something.

That’s good that your getting Yo-Yoing more popular. You should tell them about YoYoExpert.

I’ve tried to get 5 friends into yo-yoing. One named Sam is getting really good but my other friend Michael. He quit, he thought it was boring and his yoyo can’t do the tricks mine do. Lol.


that was my major roadblock, people wanted a better quality yoyo, but they were too embarrassed to lighten their wallets a bit on a “toy”. cough SPORT cough

I’m telling everyone about this site, and trying to get them to buy here… but they don’t really want to invest alot.

Thats a big problem with this SPORT ;), people don’t take it seriously. The only reason i started yoyoing is because a teacher of mine gave me a yoyo. If yoyoing started getting big sponsors and ads. then maybe the rest of the world will not think its stupid. But until then we got to keep throwing and get people to throw with us.

I might actually prefer if it is not so widespread, cause we look better than if there were like 60 Andres all over television.

hahahaha. Good point.