I am now a yo-yo mentor

About a week ago… I was throwing my AC at lunch. Some kid was amazed at the tricks I could do. He asked where he could buy a beginners yoyo. I told him I would sell him a proyo with a trick book for a dollar. He bought it and today he came into school with a shiny new yomega maverick with a pack of strings. He bought it off another site. I told him to go to yoyoexpert.com and he was amazed at all the different yoyos and products that yoyoexpert had to offer. I now have not only someone to teach, but also someone else to throw with. He is now happily throwing trapezes and rocking the baby. I just felt like sharing this because something like this does not happen every day. Have you ever inspired someone to yoyo? I have a feeling that yoyos are going to make a comeback…

Yoyo’s could easily boom hard if this swarming mass of easily impressionable kids out there get the impression that it’s really cool.

Things like that Baauer guy tweeting Shinji’s yoyo freestyle was a big move. Things like that could make dozens of new members come. Then the dominoes start falling.

Right now I think they’re all on Kendamas… I guess since their “skateboarding” is off during the Winter (even though real skaters still skate in the Winter), so they’re getting fairly close to yoyo’s.

I have three colleagues that bought yoyos because of me… one just learned binding, another is happily doing Plastic Whips and trapezes (but not much else), and the third is now a yoyo “peer”. He’s just as good as me in most tricks, and better than me at some (his Ninja Vanish is a thing of beauty). I know more “canonical” tricks, but he is more creative and just makes stuff up on the fly.

On top of that, a former colleague just yesterday ordered a yoyo; he used to throw (and even competed) back when split the atom was a top-tier trick and yoyos were responsive. Seeing all my yoyo photographs on Flickr, he’s decided to give modern yoyoing a try. I’ll be meeting up with him to get him started on binding.

Greg, thats really cool. Hopefully you influence many more people. ;D

I taught a class once. My grandmas colleague is a minister(The head guy, but im not religious so I dont know) at a church. THey had a thing on wednesdays where you sign up for an activity and learn for the next three weeks, then pick a new one. This lasts all throughout the winter. They had things like cooking, piano, singing, sewing etc.

I decided id give classes a try. I had about 2 adults, 3 teens and 5 kids. They really loved it, and I thought it was cool helping them. I just tought something to them all at once, then let them try it while I walked around and helped them individually. I also thought I was volunteering, but he gave me 40 bucks! That was way cool, since i expected nothing.

Thats sick dingo. I wish I was in a yoyo class… Haha.

Yeah, I just wish ONE person would stick with it. About 3 of my friends have done it with me… for like 3 weeks. One even made it to a northstar, and one to a popstar. I guess its too much hard work for their week minds! ;D

I had about 10 people yoyoing at my school.

People got:
SPYY Revenger
Code 1 FtJ
Code 2
Yeah 3
Evil Yo
Bootleg Sleipnir
And a lot more.
How many still yoyo?
Maybe 2.
How many still have collections?

At least $300 of yoyos are sitting abandoned in closets.

Keep in mind, people were getting $100+ throws as their first yoyos ever.


kids spending 100 on yo-yos.. granted some start and quit but companies still don't see the potential right here in DC. All the kids with just waiting to spend on yo-yos.

I took a vacation to DC a while back (actually ordered my first DM2 online when I was there) and once I started getting into it, I realized how much potential is there. With so many visitors and so many people just walking, you could spread it by just yoyoing on the street.

Nationals should be in D.C!

Agreed. It should be outdoors too. DC is awesome.

we can all dream right? lol

but yea tourists are always around but you have locals too. We have a good size group in the DC/southernMD/NortherVA area. Plus all the guys from Richmond and NC would come up to dc for any type of yoyo contest and then You have delaware which has a good sized group too. Not to mention its like 4 hours from NY and NJ.

It would be like VA state but way bigger (well that would depend on who is running the contest etc)

Lol now I’m going around buying abandoned yoyos for rediculous prices…
It’s not all bad!

But if I didn’t tweet that video on my Twitter, Baauer probably wouldn’t have seen and retweeted/FB posted that Shinji did his prelim with Harlem Shake. Not being a hipster dbag, but I guess that constitutes as “Yoyo’s could easily boom hard if this swarming mass of easily impressionable kids out there get the impression that it’s really cool.” like you said :stuck_out_tongue: - 'cause I really wanted to show my friends that yoyoing is cool :]

I was never a mentor when I started yoyoing in my highschool, but people just saw me throwing a yoyo around and they bought it and I just saw them throwing around. It’s pretty cool even though I didn’t even know those people at all.

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I think that’s really awesome, man! I have influenced a friend to buy a Velocity, but he lost it! I asked if I could have it, but he doesn’t know where it is… Needless to say he’s given up on throwing.

Yeah I saw that in the official thread about it. Props mang.

It would cool if Nationals were in the national mall in D.C

I got 4 friends I am currently teaching, 3 know how to bind, 1 plays for fun, but it’s good I got a average sized group, that way there is some competition.