*****PAY IT FORWARD******

So I was out for a guys night out with Joseph and Free from Eternal Throws bowling and B/Sing. Free broke out his Victory (an amazing yoyo by the way) and started doing some trick. Instantly the family next to us started freaking out saying " dang look at that guy" “is that a yoyo?” “That’s amazing”. I myself am still kinda shy with yoyoing in public but then Joseph busted out his skills so I felt comfortable to bust out mine as well the family became super interested and began saying the usual stuff us yoyoers hear " I remember yoyoing back in the day" " can you walk the dog" ect… they were mesmerized and it was my first real experience with showing others how amazing yoyos are and what can be done with them. The best thing was seeing this little 7-8 year old wanting to try out a yoyo so Free busted out a Enternal Throws looper and let the kid play. He was having a blast and was so excited. He hit the table and his sister (I think) said hey give that back your gonna break it. Free responded no its OK its a yoyo its ment to be played. That was awesome in my book cause the kid went from being afraid he broke it to right back into the thrill of being a kid with a new toy. Shortly after that the rest of them wanted a try and all of them gave yoyoing a shot. Everybody else in the place were watching and I could tell were interested.

My point of this all is we have an amazing “toy” that we all as a community have turned into so much more. Im not taking credit for the advancement in yoyos im just so thrilled to be a part of it. It went from a normal day at the bowling alley into a demo and sharing what us yoyoers love so much. It was amazing and im so glad I was a part of it so big thanks to Free and Joseph.

So I ask you all to share this passion with as many people as you can. Sure you will get a few who dont give a crap but honestly when these people came in they were the last people I would expect to want to learn more about yoyoing. Free broke the ice and the inner kid came out in them. It was amazing. I myself am going to do everything I can to let everybody I know and even the people I dont that I am a modern yoyoer and if they want to find out more I will help in every way. If they dont so what. I have always been one to pass it forward in the yoyo community and many on here can vouch for that but lets pass it forward to those who dont even know YYE or unresponsive yoyos. Lets yoyo everywhere all day and get the word out. I have said it before and I will say it again. I was a heroin addict who didn’t know what life was even about then I found yoyos when I hit my bottom out of sheer accident and it changed my life and shortly after finding them I became a father so I feel like yoyoing helped shift my focus from one dangerous life sucking addiction to one of joy and love which helped me prepare for my greatest gift which is being a father.

Sorry for getting all soft on you guys but yoyoing truely means that much to me and it could mean that much to someone else who is having a hard time or just wants to have fun. You will never know if that person would be interested unless you share this love with them and let them decide. Im done with my rant. Im thankful for all you guys even if we dont know each other. I take pride in knowing we all share a common love for a “toy” such as yoyoing even if we argue over stupid yoyo related stuff here on the forums lol :slight_smile:



Feel free to share you stories of sharing this awesome hobbie with someone else. I would love to read them.


Reading stuff like this reminds me why I continue to wade through the negativity around here lol, every once and a while you get a really nice read that makes you feel good :slight_smile:

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Fantastic post, its great hearing how much yoyoing has helped you and it sounds like everyone had a great time when you were showing them your skills, especially the kids, who lets face it, could be the next generation of throwers.

I taught my best mate to bind and gave him my Onestar, and now every time he successfully binds he throws his hands into the air and walks around like he’s just become heavyweight champion of the world. It’s hilarious. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s suprising how much non-throwers can enjoy yoyoing, even if they can’t do all that much. :smiley:

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Mr wilcoxon here was extremely generous to me. A total stanger gave me a $120 yoyo, the skyline! From this skyline, and the presents from other forum members (Totalartist, yoyospirit) and gifts from family, my collection has expanded to 24 high end unresponsive yoyos, and several other cheap yoyos retailing at about $1300! The crazy part is ive only spent like $50 of my own money on yoyos.

It is insane the generousity of some people here, and A reason why i am yoyoing now is due to not making all this gifts be in vain! I am now pretty active in the yoyo community, i go to clubs, contests, post a lot and yoyo daily for more then an hour!

And i passed on the love by donating several unresponsive plastics, and giving pretty big discounts on my metals. I also try and help teach tricks to people. Thereare now 10 devout, knowledgable yoyoer at my school! Im talking like CLYW owners and club goers (CLYWpenguin, darkadlermagic3, and Sushi started yoyoing after i got em into it ;). There are more who dont have a forum account.)



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Bringing this great story back from the dead, incase anyone missed it :slight_smile:

Yep, I missed it. Great story! That’s awesome to just let a stranger’s kid play with a yoyo. I gotta start sharing more.

Very very cool stuff guys…

I love stories like this. Keep ‘em comin’, Jeremy.

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man i love this guy, he is awesome and so cool he taught me most of the stuff i know thanks supbreh

I love hearing stories like this, thanks for sharing, man.

I’ve been yoyoing for real for about 5 months now. In the on and off times before that, I brought a yoyo to school many times. More recently, I did a little class project presentation on yoyos, so naturally a lot of people knew I threw. A few days ago I was instant messaging a friend, and he asked what was up. I told him I was yoyoing. He then proceeded to tell me FOR THE FIRST TIME (it’s in all caps cause I was REALLY excited), that he used to throw… A lot…

I asked him a few questions like what throw he used. He told me a yyf Whip. I told him to bring it to school and show me what he could do… He was REALLY good! He could do a few tricks that I can’t even do (plastic whip) and some I just skipped over in learning (split the atom). I was really, really impressed.

He’s gonna teach me split the atom (I find it easier to learn from actual people) and I’m gonna bring him a Kitty String or two, so he can figure out what string he likes. In addition, we’re gonna do a battle at school using Kitty String (I think :p) and our yyf Whips. He told me he’s gonna start relearning tricks. I’m really excited about it.

Anyway, my point is, it’s incredibly rewarding getting somebody(ies) into throwing. Weather that means they see you yoyoing at the grocery store and ask if they can try, or you buy your friend a Duncan Pulse for their birthday, it feels good. Especially if they keep at it. I encourage people to carry a responsive yoyo with them in public, or any Yoyo they don’t mind letting people try. It may seem like you’re just letting a kid try gravity pull with your Raider, but tomorrow he could be world champion. Isn’t that awesome to think about?

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I <3 you too lol :smiley: (no homo)

But anyways, i still cant belive the generousity of the yoyo community!

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Carrying a cheap throw with you to let people try sounds like a good idea. Last time I let a kid use one of my yoyo’s it ended with him stomping on my Duncan echo and busting the side wall, and officially killing my first yoyo… I miss that yoyo.

this is an awesome idea!! … our club meets next weekend in DC at the washington monument and I can imagine kids/tourist watching us and asking to try them.

anyone have some cheap loopers they wanna give away or something? Let me know !!!

I can definitely post pix of us giving them away as well.

Im glad you all decided to come in here and post. For a second I thought nobody cared lol. I love hearing the stuff you all are doing and how your spreading the love of yoyoing. Also take the time to thank your moms today (if you have one) for being a great mother :slight_smile: