Who have you gotten to throw?

I am the “yo-yo guy” at my store. I am on the management team at Spencers Gifts, and I always have at least two throws on me. I have written emails to the ceo of spencers asking spencers to carry yo-yos- and I have customers that come to see me throw in store. (I got permission from my CEO to throw to try and pull customers in the store when its empty)

Well we just had a guy leave the company cause he moved waaay up north after being with us for several years. On the last two days I worked with him I brought in an “extra” throw for him to use. I wanted to say thanks to him in my own special way for his dedicated service, blah blah etc.

Well, he admitted that he has been coveting my throws for some time and was very excited to try throwing. Dude yo-yoed for HOURS both days. If we had any kind of lull (and the mall has been ultra dead for weeks) he was tossing around the yo-yo. He said he was going to pick one of his own up and start yo-playing on his own as we left the store at closing together for the last time. Made me feel great that I spread the yo-yo love to another person.

So, I ask you for your “yo-evangelism” stories! The “who and how” stories of you spreading the word of “Yo” to other lucky people who have joined our ranks! I love a good story!

I worked at a plant that made Million dollar nitrogen pumping machines. That basically means we were a bunch if big burley wrench wielding Neanderthals. lol

Well I would throw during breaks all the time. Always had a few yoyo’s in my tool box.
ONe day one of the guy’s that worked on my team asked why I yoyo’d all the time. I replied by telling him the story of Adam Brewster and my church and all that jazz. He was intrigued. I ended up giving him a lyn fury. He had fun with it for a few days and then decided that his kid’s irritating begging for a yoyo got the best of him. He bought two more from me. This was two years ago. He still yoyo’s!

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I have not been into yoyos for very long so I have not shown many people yet. I did show a few of my friends at a birthday party. One of them is all into it and has their own yoyo now. We are actually doing something at a talent show together in a little while. One of them tried it but was to busy to really get into it. And on another occasion I saw that one of my friend had a fast 201 that he was messing around with. You know doing walk the dog and stuff. I tried it out and that’s actually what got me started. Now I show him and teach him new stuff to help him out. He is still working on breakaway, but he’ll get it eventually. :slight_smile: I look forward to spreading yoyos even more.

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I’ve gotten to throw a few different people. I want to do midget tossing sometime. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve gotten a friend started. He was doing some nice forward passes and stuff. :slight_smile:

Well,i homeschool, and i’m the most social kid around so i don’t show yoyoing to alot of people. But i did get one friend into it, who got his like 3 of his friends into it. Now i’m thinking about starting a club. I guess alot people see me yoyo though because i do it so often. I did it a the district science fair and people seemed to enjoy it. The funnies thing is, one kid gave my friend his DM because he liked his speed beetle better. Aside from that i throw alot more people in judo all the time. lol

I’ve got 3 people that i know of for sure that like yoyoing, but probably more that i didn’t even know.

Tom (tom2000) and Kyle (not on the forums)
Well back when i had like butterfly’s and imperial’s and mosquito’s and we all just kinda got into it, and as i discovered the “real” yoyoing i teached those guys, and know there hooked. But I’m still better then them ;D

Dawson (not on the forums)
well on the day of the day of last years super bowl me and Dawson where at a super bowl party, and i stared throwing, well there where girls there and he didn’t want to get showed up by me, so he asked if he could try my speeder. I said he could and so he stared throwing sleepers and such, so after a while of doing sleepers he wanted to learing a string trick so i taught him the brain twister.
after a while he wanted to buy a yoyo of the internet, so i showed him the FHZ and he bought one and ever since then, he’s been hooked. Very resonantly he went to MOYO with me and got his first full metal!!! They grow up so fast :’(

cool me to, don’t you love it!

i threw my brother once… or twice… or more…
fun thing about judo is you can throw people without getting in trouble… but then they usually got to throw you back…

I am homeschooled also. I just make sure I take my yoyo everywhere. I have lots of people watch and give comments. That is the best way I can think of to spread it.

Wow, I didn’t know so many people were homeschooled. I am also, so I take my yoyos to our homeschool groups’ co-op every week. My friends both picked up a Mosquito the very next week, so now whenever I go there it’s like a yoyo festival. :smiley:

Well I haven’t really gotten anyone addicted. My wife and my brother-in-law both watch me throw, and both have picked it up. My Wife has her own collection, and my brother-in-law bought a Duncan starter kit with the Video, Book and an Avenger.

One time the NED show came to my sisters school, also were my neighbours go to, and that started off a yoyo craze at the school, and my sister told her friends that I could throw and I said I would show them some time, and only eventually got round to it on friday last week, but I showed them couple tricks, thumb grind, pland D, other stuff and he was kinda amazed, the neighbour had his yoyo on him and he was just doing sleeper, so I said try thorwing it like this, Breakaway, he messed it up first couple times and then third time lucky he nailed it, I felt kinda good that I had taught himsomething buthad also given him the really basic splitting the atom trick book to, and now he can’t stop practicing, Lets just hope he doesn’t get better than me,

By the way the Ned show came to the school like november last year so yeh, also my sister and neighbour are 10 and he had the cosmic spin ned yoyo

LOL I’m homeschooled!!!

The most i’ve done was got a couple of kids at my church to yoyo for a day then the stopped. :frowning:

homeschooling is gradually becoming more popular these days.

I got my brother and two or three of my friends to start throwing seriously.
They all own at least a Velocity now, my brother has a protostar and a few 888’s.

p.s. I was also homeschooled, tough I never went to any of the homeschooled groups or even knew anyone else that was homeschooled while growing up… It seems there’s a lot of us in the yoyoing community.

neather do i, and i don’t eather

I let one of my friends try my GM2 a while back. He baught a YYJ Speeder and learned the Matrix within 30 minutes. He never learned anything after that… He’s yoyoed once in about a year but he can still do the Matrix.

My buddy Ben :slight_smile:

A few of my friends. :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember once in judo i got to throw my dad. It was very hard relativaly pathetic but it was fun!

im also being homeschooled for a couple weeks while my leg heals from a surgery i just had but i can still yoyo so thank god. i got my tutor that comes to my house to help me with my work into yoyoing and this is a 25 year old guy.i ussally let him use my protostar while we work so yeah ill be like 23over 54 is ? oh yeah pinch the string (heheheh) but yeah now he is going to buy a package at our hobby store that has two yoyos some string the brain lube stuff and a yoyo holster so yeah im pretty proud of my self and i got a couple friends into it as well