YoYoing Inline at the Store

How Many of you Older Throwers Actually take a YoYo Everywhere with you (even Shopping at Walmart and Toys R Us with the Wife and Kids)? I Do lol, But I get eyes from everywhere. Kids, Parents, and even Grandparents watching in awe with mommy look at that man, wow, OMG Honey look at that guy,lol. I love it cause I get people always asking questions, some fun ones, Serious ones and Obvious ones. But Last night and Todays questions were my Favorites, Last night I went to Walmart with my Wife and I was in the Toy aisle looking for a Robot Toy or a Remote Mater for my 3 yr old Nephew and I was standing there YoYoing while the wife was looking and his Lady and her son where watching me and whispering amongst each other and the Lady says " I have to Say I have never seen some do That Stuff with a YoYo before". I know right “That Stuff” lol, I thought it was pretty funny myself. “How long you been Doing That and where’d you Learn”, Again lol, “Doing That”. I was thinking to myself "don’t laugh, either she has Trouble talk and is tripping over her lips, lol or in YoYo Terms Shes a Laymen (I think thats what they call it, lol I don’t know) in easier terms she has no clue. I thought it was called YoYoing, lol. But I was good and Told her I had been going for 12 months straight in which I learn’t everything on the Internet on YoYoExpert.com, She giggled and said really I’m amazed. Then She commented, I thanked her and moved on. Well after awhile, I was in a total different aisle and happened to turn around and there they where again (felt like I was being Stocked lol) shes laughing and looks at me and says my Son is Calling you YoYo Master, lol I Wish. I’m far from it, Need lots of practice.
Today I was at Toys R Us with my wife and Nephew and I was waiting for her to cash out, so I went over by the Exit and Started YoYoing and there where a cpl 12-13 yr old boys with their mom huddled but watching me at the same time. Then their mom comes over and in this accent she says Do you get that here and points at my YoYoFactory Plastic Grind Machine, I was like hmmm My Chance to try and give a little back to the YoYo Community and was like Um No you can’t get these he… Um wait I thought to myself I bought my Duncan Metal Drifter here and I remembered where they were and told her to follow me. I took her to the YoYo Display and Saw that her and her whole family followed me over, Thats when I realized these boys want to learn which kind of made me happy because I have a chance to help them get started right which I didn’t have, the only thing I had was me,myself, and YoYoExpert. Well I Explained to them how to start with one of the Duncan Freehand 2’s or a Drifter and how to keep it responsive and how to learn unresponsive and she says what about your yoyo, lol I told I bought mine one the Internet and she was all about that. I told to go to YoYoExpert and you can buy everything you need and best of all you can learn plus a Bonus of Fellow Throwers on line to Help. They were all about the YoYos though, it kind was odd being asked all those questions but nice.
If You Have a Cool or Funny Experience Pls Share with us

I also yoyo at all stores and yester day i went to pick up my brother at his job at arbys (hes 16) and i started throwing and she was impressed i got to pick a free Meal and at the fair i was buying a bloomin onion and the guyy said.“I see you have a yoyo with a holder on your pants if you do walk the dog and baby cradle ill give you 50% off” welll guess what i only payed 50% for? lol

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LOL that’s funny, but in some case’s and certian situatitions it happens. People get so amazed , some people’s chins drop to the floor in awe and some give you a Snub Nose and Turn the Cheek (the Snotty Think their Better Then You People) Thanks for your Stories

Last weekend I was with my cousin at Target, she was getting something taken care of at guest services. Perfect opportunity to throw so I whip out my Popstar and start messing around, doing some Boingy Boings, trying to land Kwyjibo, and just doing some Double or Nothings. This little girl and her mom happened to be leaving the guest services area as the girl was watching in awe. She then turned to her mom and said “Mommy! Look! He’s really good!”

I also got brave in Walmart and started throwing at the checkstands. I had several people walking by kind of pause and see the tricks I was doing. I would like to try some tricks in front of the yoyo area at Toys R Us next time I’m in there…perhaps catch a few people’s interest and hopefully jump into this hobby.

can you walk the dog?

i can walk the dog on my arm does arm grind …works 100% of the time :slight_smile:

i was at a little summer camp for the sport i play in and there were a fewe college athletes there who are really really good and they were mesmerized by my yoyoing and one guy was like “i could almost do eifel tower” so i did a super fancy tower and he just chuckled to himself

THEN a former Olympic coach that was helping with the camp asked me to do my best tricki. So i did a leg wrap trap with a behind the back combo and a reverse leg wrap trap to finish and he was impressed. 8)

Thank You all I like to read these stories. I carry at least 2 YoYos with me everywhere I go (1 Plastic and 1 Metal) and you will find that 85% people will stop and watch and another 15-20 % of them will ask questions. All though some people can be Grumpy old bleep bleep, lol. A cpl wks ago I was at the Hospital waiting for the Wife (in an Appointment) and I was in the Lobby yoyoing people walking by talking, pointing, and amazed. Well needless to say, My wife came out and we walked out the sliding doors and this Old Security Officer Pulls in Front of us in his Vehicle and says “I don’t Want you Playing with that in there again” I stopped short and was Puzzled, I asked him if he was serious and not Joking. Nope he says " I don’t want you hitting someone" I giggled and said Dude it’s a toy, a yoyo, I was standing off to the side out of the way and obviously know how to use it. He says I don’t care don’t let me catch you doing it again. I was angry my then and told him he was just a Grumpy Old Man that can’t stand seeing someone Enjoy themselves. He drove off and I Blew of Steam Talking crap out loud cause by then there where a bunch of people watch in Disgust because I was Right and He was Wrong. I just could believe it, It kind of reminded me of when I was Younger and was getting kicked off business’s property for Skateboarding there. You Can’t Skate Here… And now You Can’t YoYo Here, whats this World Coming to…

Oh yeah, love throwing in public. I am 53 and have at least 2 throws with me as well. Was in a Toys R us in Tulsa on Friday. There selection was pretty weak, but I was still throwing. Most commits I get are “Wow I have not seen one of those since I was a kid”. Most people are really surprised with the facts about bearings and the information that there are 100.00-300.00 throws now. tim

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Wow^^^ This has to be the coolest YoYo I’ve seen. Now I bet that YoYo is bit Floaty and Flighty, lol. Yeah I think Toys R Us is a great Place to Throw, Lots of Young Kids looking for That New Something Different, Amazingly Unique, Fun and Keeps me Busy with a Challenge Toy and what Better then a YoYo. And if they see Someone Whipping a YoYo around doing Mad Tricks that they can Talk to and ask questions and get the Right Info needed to get started Right, They’re going to want to get a YoYo, Go Home and Try to do the Tricks they just saw done at the Toy Store and They’ll learn them Tricks on that DVD that came with the Duncan and then go to the YoYoExpert web site like the Guy at the Toy Store YoYoing Told them to and there we have it… Another Member to the YoYo Community.


i mean, seriously. if you hit someone, the hospital is RIGHT THERE! xD

all you want to do is have fun and then some jerk comes along to ruin it.

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