best experience ever.

I was in Walmart, throwing. I was waiting in line with my sister, but I was making a separate purchase (bubble mailers so I could trade). I had to run back while she was checking out to get a bigger envelope. When I came back, my sister was done so my place in line went bye-bye.
I went to a shorter line, and the cashier was an older woman (roughly in her late 60’s I’d say).
I had my trusty protostar on my belt loop, and she asked me if yoyoing was the new thing. I replied with a, “well, a little. Out of everyone I know, aside from a few people from a club occasionally, I’m the only one I know so…”
getting that question a lot, I didn’t think much of it; until…
She asked if I’ve heard of the drop bear.
My face was most likely priceless at the moment.
I said “Yeh, I have! Haven’t had the chance to throw one though.”
She replied, “those things look amazing. And the things people do with them! I thought it was just a few people, ya know, to the point to where I never thought I would actually SEE it. Especially here.”

It was pretty amazing.



That’s pretty neat!


That’s Awesome!

That’s epic haha!
If it was were I lived the lady would have responded, “Have you seen the Duncan yoyos O.O”

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Where I live, a lot of people don’t even know what a yoyo is…

I was hoping she was gonna pull one out of her pocket and embarrass you right there in the store haha.

I was waiting for something like that, too

No, because I would’ve made a new best friend in that situation :stuck_out_tongue:

I always get asked “do you know what a Duncan is?”


I love your tale for many reasons.

  1. You are proving that throwing in public is appreciated and enjoyed by others.

  2. This cashier throws out the name “Drop Bear” inquiring if you knew of this yoyo. That is not a common, everyday, run-of-the-mill throw. She had to have considerable knowledge of the sport and it’s higher end equipment to mention this product. You would expect a response like, “We have Duncan Imperials in our toy department.” It’s so encouraging to learn others are aware of how this leisurely pursuit is gaining in popularity and notoriety.

  3. Your sister is in line with you at Walmart and your throwing and she doesn’t feel embarrassed? Is she your older sister? My sister is two years older than me and she would not have allowed me within 20 feet of her yoyoing in public. She would have claimed that would have substantiated a mortification to her reputation she simply could not tolerate. It’s great you have a sister who has respect and consideration for your skills.

Thanks for sharing such a great story! I want to know more about this middle aged cashier with a knowledge of TenYoYo merchandise.

Keep throwing…

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I was walking through Manchester town centre a few weeks ago and some random kid stopped and asked me “is that a Code 2” pointing to the yoyo dangling from my jeans…

Kinda freaked me out…because it was…

your avatar freaks me out more o.o


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