another great experience


So, I was in food lion, throwing 5a at the checkout line with my pgm. A man came up to me (70ish) and asked me if there was still contests and stuff. I said there was. Then, said that he was the first cheerio California state contest winner. WHAT? That has to be one of the first official competitions. (By the way has anyone heard of the cheerio yoyo company?). He said he still has some of his yoyos and the tshirt from the contest! Better yet, he said he would give me his wooden cheerio yoyo!
So, he gave me his number so we could talk about when and where to meet up. I thought about inviting him to club. He said that he would teach me the old school stuff ;D even his signature he used in the contest!
He also said he’s trying to teach his grandkids to yoyo, so I’m going to ask him if I can help him out on that (modern throwing). I was hoping he could bring them to club if he came.

One last thing. He said he paid $15 for lube. WHERE?



Cool Story Bro!

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totally get him to club! i’ll have someone to throw wood with, lol!


That’s awesome! And I looked up cheerio yoyo company, it’s an old yoyo company from the 1940’s.
It’s fun meeting new people due to yoyoing, the other day a cashier from a gas station had a yuuksta and was doing some cool tricks!






I will! I’ve actually been looking for a wood throw like the eh (sadly they don’t sell those), jamboo (because bamboo is AWESOME), basically any wood butterfly in general.