Greatest yoyo experience ever.

Some of you may remember but a while ago I made a post asking where I can get good yoyos for a good price so I can teach a yoyo class at 4-H camp.

I entered the talent show a year ago at 4-H camp and everyone thought it was amazing. So this year YoyoFactory worked with the 4-H camp and sold the camp some YYF Ones.

The class was epic. I had about 10 people in the class and we met for and hour three days in a row. I showed the campers and counselors how to set-up their yoyo properly and we learned some basic tricks (along with a ton of other yoyo related stuff). Everyone said it was the best class they’ve taken at camp because we had a blast.

But you know what the best part was? Well, I had a an 11 year old camper that was super enthusiastic about yoyoing and I found HIM teaching one of the Teen Counselors everything he learned in my class. Spreading the sport was my goal, and I think I reached it.

Hopefully there will be some new forum members here because I printed a YYE trick list for all the campers and I gave it to them along with a YYF One, Fast yoyo holder, Multi-tool, twisted string, extra bearing, and stickers.

Thanks to everyone in the yoyo community that helped me!


Wow, thats pretty awesome. I do remember you posting about that a while back and I’m glad you went through with it. It’s great that you’re spreading the sport.

Awesome job!

That’s so cool! I love this, and I like hearing stories of how yoyoing is spreading!

Yes!! I’m working at a summer camp next year and would love to do this! I’m sure the kids would love it.

It’s a great class if the camp is willing to fund the program for some yoyos. PM me if you need some ideas :slight_smile: