Update on that yoyo class!

hey guys,

So a little while ago I made a thread about a yoyo class I was planning to teach at 4H camp. I was asking everyone where/how I can get some yoyos for cheap so the campers can have a yoyo to take home. Well I was surprised to see that several members of this forum offered their own yoyos! This is a great community, eh? Well I didn’t need to take anyones yoyos because it was suggested to me on that thread that I should contact some yoyos companies. Well, I followed your advice and Yoyofactory has sold the camp a bunch of Yoyofactory One’s (and a few other things)for a very cheap price!

This means I will be teaching around 30 kids about yoyoing, and how to do it! You guys have been a big help, and hopefully there will be some new forum members to show for it :smiley:


Thanks for the update.

And thanks to YYF for stepping in to help out.

Excellent way of sharing the joy of yoyoing. We had something similar back in the 6th grade when my teacher got a hold of a display box of Duncan Imperials and Butterflies, as well as a copy of the classic Arnie Dixon how to yoyo video. Duncan had a little science/physics curriculum that went along with it learning about gravity and flywheels (stability). We did different experiments being the classic drop a large and small object, and made one of those button flywheel things that you wind up by twirling then pull the ends apart to get the button to spin (kind of like a Raver’s orbit thing). One of the last experiments involved selecting a yoyo from the display box and do some experiments with the yoyos! The grand finale was turning out the lights, pop in the VHS tape and watch tutorials on tricks. After watching it, we headed out to the yard for the last 30 minutes of the day and just yo’d.

Prior to our little yoyo gig, the ‘macho kids’ in class thought yoyos were for nerds…then I had to sit and laugh at them as they were playing with their yoyos and working their butts off to make it sleep. I guess Mr. Macho joined us nerds! With that said, it spread interest in yoyoing and helped fuel the boom up at our school. What started out as a couple of us yoyoing to a class lesson and class set of yoyos, yoyoing became pretty hot stuff for the last month or so of school.

Today, I think more of these kinds of demos should happen throughout everywhere, accessible by everyone, throughout the year. Not everyone knows about Bay Area Classic or Nats to see yoyo stuff going down and not everyone can travel/are local to those venues hosting the events. This camp yoyo class is a great idea and would be cool to see more of these kinds of things pop up…could be for more local camps, church youth groups, after school events, etc.

Thats cool! Thanks for sharing :smiley: