Teacher giving YoYo classes

So my friend is a teacher at a highschool and he wants to share his love for the yoyo and all good that comes with the yoyo with his students. Last week he spoke to some management at his school and they were also really enthusiastic about it. Now they gave him the means to buy 5 yoyo’s - about 20 euro’s each. We have been talking about it and we would like some more opinions and ideas for the program. For starters: what yoyo would you recommend buying for this program and should he get unresponsive bearings with it?

And if you have any ideas or experience with yoyo classes/groups please let us know!


That is awesome! Personally I think a yoyo that you can swap out a bearing to and from a half spec or a full spec not only gives the luxery of being able to transition between the styles but will also help new players become familiar with basic yoyo maintenance.
I have zero experience with group classes for yoyoing but I feel like having a layout of tricks you all will learn together will be a good idea. For example the Trick Ladder.

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We were thinking about the YYF One. This is the yoyo that is started with. Its plays nice responsive and comes with an unresponsive bearing. Its also pretty cheap so thats a plus. But there might be better options that we dont know about


I have a YYF One and enjoy it very much. However, I think the Arrow (also YYF) is more versatile (and larger). It comes with C and half spec bearings.


I agree with your thought on having both half and full size bearings available - let the students be able to progress from responsive to unresponsive on the same yoyo.

Maybe the concept could be like at a karate dojo, once students start progressing at different rates, break into smaller groups. Also, following the progression either in the tutorials here or at that other trick teaching site may be a good structure. @MACPHART, you could always reach out to André and ask his advice since, I believe he is the product of A2Z Science & Learning Center’s yoyo school (as well as owning that brick and mortar toy store). He probably has a good idea of what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t.


If you end up with the arrow you’ll definitely need some sort of thick lube for the slim bearings. It’s very inconsistent tug responsive without it.

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i’d buy the Sage, with responsive bearings. they are easy to learn with.

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