Yoyo Types according to tricks

Hi, i have a question as the title mention above . Now that i’ve been yoyoing for at least 3 weeks and i have mastered every basics and intermidate tricks and learned how to bind .
-So my question is , since i’m starting to go into Advance tricks : Does it necassery to upgrade my bearing or switch my yoyo to a Unresponsive ??
Thanks you !

People will say things like “I can do all of my awesome tricks on _________ responsive yoyo.” Well. They are probably very skilled. I’ve seen ladder escape, a long and complicated trick, on a wooden yoyo.

With this note I will tell you that once you get better you will probably want a different yoyo. This should be an unresponsive yoyo, as they spin for much longer. You also can’t learn whips on a responsive yoyo.
Hope this helps!

Yes, well i’m not very sure though since it very confusing . i’m still trying to understand the whole new concepts between Responsive and Unresponsive yoyos and bearings . Hippo Samurai, thanks for feedback and i appriciated alots for your opinion :smiley:

What kind of yoyo do you have now? It’s usually not quite as simple as just putting a wider bearing in and making the yoyo unresponsive unless it was specifically designed like that.

Well Nathan, my yoyo is a ONE yoyo from yoyofactory, i bought it on Sunday and nail all intermediate tricks .

That should be fine then, just put the spec bearing in. Still play with my older One from time to time, it’s a nice throw.

What kind of Spec , shield or no shield ? and could you explain to me the whole bearings things ???

Right now, this is the proper time to slow down for a bit, but only for the purposes of gathering information. Good for you for doing that.

What part of Vietnam are you in? There are several yoyo clubs in HCM/Saigon. I think this is the best route to go. Why?

1: Having the possible chance of hands-on with other yoyos will do a lot of good for you.
2: Native language. Might be easier to ask questions and get answers in Vietnamese.

At this point, your next step up might be a Protostar or DM2, either will do you quite nicely. For budget minded purchases, there’s the stackless plastic grind machine, Asteroid, PSG, Lyn Fury, Speed Maker and Kickside to name a few. The Legacy II is a good one, as is the Chaser. You want something heavier. It will give you longer spin times.

Well, i’m lived in HCM city so that could help me out lots, also when you mentioned something about heavier yoyo does Magic II count since i’m asking my family to get me one on my birthday. But i gotta ask , does Kickside or some other yoyo in similiar make a very good yoyo for advance tricks ?