Beginning to get into intermediate play, trying to figure out what yo-yo to get


So I’m having some issues and I’m not sure whether it’s my yo-yo’s or something, but let’s talk.

So I have 2 Yo-yo’s a yoyo-factory velocity, and a Lyn Fury. The Velocity is great for responsive tricks, but is really bad for unresponsiveness, the Lyn Fury doesn’t really give me an option and I feel like it’s almost 100 percent for responsive play, binding with either of them is a pain because they stap really violently and get knotted up when I bind. Also I’m not really sure WHAT tricks I should be working on, I’ve been watching Andre Boulay but it seems like there’s like a huge jump from split the atom --> super high level tricks

So here are my questions:

  1. Should I get a new Yo-Yo to being unresponsive play? If so, what?
  2. What tricks do you think I should learn given that I’m basically at a level where I’ve got Split the Atom down?
  3. Any mods/accessories I should buy besides a yoyo?
  4. Any place to find more tricks and such?
  5. Any other notes, I’d really like help progressing. Thanks :slight_smile:


1:yeah, you should get a yoyo for unresponsive, there are a lot of benefits(mainly sleep time). I recommend the shutter, although there are a lot of options(yoyofficer makes great metals, many are under $50)
2:I’d recommend working out tricks that start out of double or nothing like matrix and doctor strange. Also, kwijibo, gondola and I highly recommend starting to learn skin the gerbil it’s a trick that makes you feel like your progressing when you get it down. want to buy some string if you don’t have any. Kitty string is awesome and inexpensive. Also if you don’t like holding your yoyo in your pocket I’d recommend a Legyoyo holster from the forums(awesome product)
4:for more tricks look at Mr yoyo thrower on YouTube
5: keep at it and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Also, don’t be daunted by players who are way better than you, be inspired!


Sure, buy a new yoyo, but don’t blame the lyn fury for your inability to play unresponsive. Clean the bearing and it will play as unresponsive as you need. Are you aware that it has an adjustable gap as well? You possibly have it closed too much.


Agreed. Same with the velocity, it’s probably closed too much and made responsive. There’s knobs on the side of the throw that allow you to adjust the gap size, smaller gap equals more responsive and wider gap means less responsive. I personally started out with a velocity when I got back into modern yoyoing and it’s a real good throw to learn in the beginning. I can knock out some sweet combos on the velocity so you should have no problem learning on that or the Lynn fury.

  1. Yes, go for it, but you should try cleaning the bearing of the lyn fury first and it should become mostly unresponsive. If you do get one, I HIGHLY recommend purchasing a yoyojam classic alongside a decent C sized bearing. If you are looking for a metal, go purchase one of the yoyofactory budget metals (I recommend a shutter or dv888) or a yoyoofficer. Magic yoyos are also a nice option but they can be hit or miss.

  2. Learn the basic split bottom mount tricks. I suggest working on mach 5, barrel rolls and ripcord. After that, work on the basic double or nothing tricks. I suggest working on the matrix, rewind, and kwijibo (can be very difficult at first).

  3. 100% Acetone (no nail polish remover with additives) or mineral sprits and a really thin pin/sewing needle/xacto blade. You will need those to deshield a bearing and clean it.

  4. yo-tricks, youtube, rethinkyoyo.

  5. Practice, practice, practice, and more practice. Also yoyoing with your favorite music can help. Good luck!


I did NOT know the Lyn Fury has an adjustable gap (other than swapping out the bearing). Learn something new errday!


Most all YYJ models of that vintage do. The bearing seat is recessed such that you have some leeway in how much you screw them together.


For beginner players, I really like the YYF Northstar, YYF Protostar, OneDrop Rally and YYJ Phenomizm.

All super solid yoyos and well known, so that when you are ready to purchase your next yoyo, you will be able to ask people how it compares to the one you already own.