Need advice for new yoyo as newbie.

I’m a newbie and looking to get a new yoyo.

I’ve never owned the unresponsive yoyo, but I think I could do the binding.
I have tried on my old yoyo (cheap and old one) and it works.
I could do some basic tricks.

From what I’ve been searching, there are sage, classic, replay pro, premiere etc.
So, could I start right away with the unresponsive one?
Or you guys think that I should start with the responsive yoyo first and upgrade it later.
From my understanding, the unresponsive yoyo should be easier to do tricks
since it has longer sleep time and doesn’t come back to you all the time.
I think for me, the binding shouldn’t be a problem at all.

The budget would be around 25$ for yoyo alone
or 35$ if it comes in package.

extra question
Can the unresponsive yoyo be modded into the responsive one?
Just wondering in the case that having the unresponsive but want to play as responsive.

thank you

Hey man! Welcome to the yoyo community :slight_smile:

So if I were you, I would just go ahead, and get yourself an unresponsive yoyo. Go for it!

I would also go on Amazon or eBay, and get yourself a “magic yoyo n12.” This yoyo costs very little, but it has some top level tricks. I actually used it at the Missouri state yoyo contest, and ended up winning :D.

It is fully unresponsive, but I would replace the pads from time to time. The white ones work best for me.
You can buy pads here:

Yes, you can make an unresponsive yoyo responsive by adding a “SPEC half bearing” sold here:

I hope this helps.
Best of luck,
Enjoy yoyoing!

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I’ll second the MagicYoyo stuff. Its what I learned to bind on and they’re so cheap that its not a big deal to take with you. If you ding them, its no big deal, really, because they didn’t cost that much. They perform really well, too. You won’t be inhibited by them.

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The recess first base is really good too it comes responsive but also comes with an unresponsive bearing

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True, but it’s plastic, and does not perform quite as well as a full metal magic yoyo

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And for $20 you can have a T5 Overlord and a N9 Floating Cloud.

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Yoyofactory had a ton of yoyos at great prices. Many of their responsive yoyos can be upgraded to unresponsive with a kit ($10). Including the metal dv888 - though that might be out of your price range.

If you have never thrown a trapeze, I would start with a responsive to get used to things. And there are a lot of tricks you can do.

I’ve always heard the shutter is a good starting unresponsive yoyo. I have Shu-ta which is basically the same shape, and love it. It may be out of your price range, but you will be happy with it.

Hope that helps

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