My own yoyo class =)

Hey all. I was just talking with one of my friends and I eventually thought that I could start a yoyoing class here in Wichita because nobody here does it that I know of. I definitely have a place and a time I could figure out with the people, but what do you guys think about this: I find out how many people would want to come and get that many Brains (maybe a few more) and have them pay $9 or $10 for it and then they can keep it and come back whenever I would have this class and we could all work together and stuff.

My question is about which yoyo to get and how much it should be. I think my choices there would be good but I could be wrong.

Also if they have their own yoyo they could bring it and not have to pay, or a few that know some stuff already could use my lesser ones, but that’s beside the point.

wat about a mosquito or one of those cheap duncan ones their alrite to learn with

888s ::slight_smile:

I’m thinking speed beetles or musquitos.

I dont know, maybe journeys might be good  ??? Brains are awesome though, they have surprisingly long sleep times, and are awesome for beginners. They are like $9 each at the Nation, so if you get 6, that would be $54, plus the shipping is $60, so overall 10 Bucks each should make you break even/profit if you buy 6 or more.

Mosquitos, Fast 201 and Speedles will be good too. Make sure you do the math before you buy the stuff, you really don’t wanna lose money because of shipping and stuff.

You also might wanna get a trick list based on Master Magic/YYE, with other tricks from other sources, they have the most awesome trick lists. Make sure you type it out nicely. shows you a good example.

Ok well it looks like Brains and Mosquitos and 201’s and Speedles are all about $10. Journey would probably be just a little bit too advanced for them (seeing as how I tried once to teach one guy that might come and he couldnt get a Brain to come all the way back to his hand :P) but I will have one and of them and a ProJam and by then probably a Kickside so if they get somewhat good then they can borrow one of them and step it up.

I’m looking at all of these and the 201’s starburst sticks out really far and it looks like it would be easy to hit that with the string. Is that a gigantic problem or does it still work fine for like trapeze and that level of stuff?

The Mosquito description on YYN says it has starburst underneath the friction stickers. Is that really true?

Last question for now: the 5x10x4 bearing is the standard small bearing that Duncun uses, correct?

Thanks a bunch guys.

I have a Fast. When fresh with new starbursts and a broken in bearing, you can do plan D on it, but you cant do kwyjibo or Spirit bomb. The response is too responsive. However, if you just pluck out the starbursts with a fork, and put some silicone into the holes where they used to be, it will be very nice to play with.

But really, I learnt to throw, braintwister, double or nothing and bind on a fast.

For the mosquito, im really not sure if it has starbursts.

and yes, 5x10x4 is the standard small bearing that Duncans use.

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Can’t do Kwyjibo with the 201? There’s only one string in the gap at any given time…oh well.


Anybody got the story with the Mosquito?

Good idea. But, you’ll need a building, or a place for it, a license to sell the yoyos to become a licensed dealer, a lot more than just thinking.

Got a place already (my parents have complete access to our church and school so I’ll probably use the gym) and I would need a license? I can’t just like buy some yoyos and then sell them to people? They would mainly be friends…

Yeah. You can. But you’ll probably have to do it without the companies knowing. I think you have to be a licensed dealer to sell them, like a store. Lets end this about here so nobody else finds out.

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So selling them to teach the people is different than the selling we all do on the BSTs?

Kind of, if you want it to be like A2Z, or a hobby store type-thing. I’m trying not to feed you the wrong info, but that wouldn’t be a good thing if, lets say you buy 10 Yomega Fireballs for about $8 off the site. Free shipping. Now, you went to sell them for $6. Thats not right because Yomega is selling them for more, while you can get them from Apetrunk for a lot less. BST, thats different than most. Players got their value from it, and want it for another yoyo. Thats a community thing.

I see what you’re saying completely. However, I would pay for the shipping myself and then sell the yoyos for the same price as I got them so that everyone is happy.

Ok. Works. :slight_smile:

I would say YYJ Celcons or Velocities, but they might be a tad expensive.

Maybe you can give them a choice? If you have them, they could try it out and see if they would be willing to pay that much.

I don’t know, just an idea.

True, but you have to remember that these people might have never used a yoyo in their life.

I thin velocities will be great, even for people who never used a yoyo.

Projams. I believe YYJ sells them specifically for these types of things, so you should try and contact them about it. The listed price on YYN is $10 so I don’t think it would be any more than that.

You could just take their cash and buy them :stuck_out_tongue:

I doubt you’ll have any issue with buying yoyos to resale as part of a class… you’re only working with a small group of people and you’re not even looking to make profit on it.

As for the type of yoyo, how about this idea: Get some Brains and a few Velocitys. Totally new players could pay $10 for a Brian and those with some experience could pay $20 for a Velocity. Once a person gets the basics down with a Brain, they could trade it in for like $7 worth of credit towards a Velocity. Then you have used Brains for people at $7, and someone that wants to step up could get a nice yoyo for only $13 plus their used Brain.

Now you have three levels of entry price - $7, 10, and 20. Anyone should be willing and able to come up with $10 to see if they like it, and if not they could trade it back and only be out $3. You also would then have used Yoyos on hand for someone to try for a few minutes without spending any money, and you can show them a sleeper and probably get them to see that they can do it too.

You would have to stipulate that the used Brains need not be abused - some surface scratches would be fine, but they need to perform.

I think if you took that route you could have a working program off the ground in no time!

As a side note, I am a new player and I can give my perspective on this. I would love to have the option of someone local that I can learn from. I have books and of course the internet videos, but it’s not the same. I’d be willing to pay a reasonable sum for an experienced player to help me on certain tricks, point out my mistakes, help with buying decisions, etc etc.

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