I'm in a "Bind" with my YoYo Club.

Hey guys, Mark here. I am starting a yoyo club and I was trying to get some yoyos for my club members that can get them through Beginner. I was wondering if you guys could help me find a yoyo that is inexpensive for about 20 people since I am funding the club myself. I contacted YoYoJam and they said it would be about $100 for 20 Projams which is a too expensive for me. If there’s a yoyo that requires more of a bulk IE: $50 for 50 or some thing like that. That was just some random numbers I put out, not what I am looking for. But I would do something like that as long as it’s cheaper than $5 a yoyo.

Thanks alot!

Checkout a local Toys 'r us. They should have Dragonflys or Freehand 2’s. I was even able to find a Duncan Reflex and a few Yomega Brains. All under $15 each.

EDIT: Sorry, I didn’t see the $5 thing at the end of your post.
I don’t think you can get anything better than a Butterfly or an Imperial for less than $5.
Try asking for a small fee from the members. Something like $5 for a yo-yo. That way, you can get better yo-yos for a smaller expense on your side.

That would be more expensive than getting the Projams at $5 each.

Then I guess that the Projams are your best bet. Unless of course you wanna do:

I was planning to do that. But that might scare most of them away…

Then you know which ones will want to do it a lot.

Perhaps Duncan Reflexes? These will get them through the beginner section due to the butterfly shape, it’s got a decent trans-axel, and only costs about $6 each.

Here’s an idea-
Find one of the cheapest yo-yo’s you can, (that are good for tricks like Rock the Baby, and Walk the Dog, etc) then if the people who like the idea of yo-yoing can go on. Then with the people who stuck with it, you can buy the more expensive yo-yo’s. I don’t know. Just an idea.

The ProJam’s are probably your best bet.

Yeah… ProJams seem to be the best bet…

He said he can get the Projams for $5 a piece.

Yeah, I would say go with the Projams. They can be basically tug responsive so it should work well. Also, I don’t think that $5 should be a big deal for them. You can at least ask the people.

Thats what I am going to do. ;D

Mosquitoes as a back up? ;D

Exactly. 8)

I’ve found some nice Power Brains for about $4 each.

If five dollars is gonna scare a kid away from getting a 6-10 dollar yo-yo for free as well as a place to belong, you probably don’t want those kinds of kids in your club or around the other kids in the club.

They need to show some level of interest where they would be willing to actually buy their own yo-yo otherwise you’re going to only have a couple of random kids around who are going to be flakes.

It’s how I look at things, If a kid want to learn how to yo-yo, if they genuinely want to learn, then they’ll buy their own gear and will take care of it better because of it.


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Maybe you could just ask for $3 a person… You can find three dollars in change around your house and that puts you out 40 bucks…

Hey buddy whats up? Alright I’ve been in similar predicaments about money and “teaching”. I’ve taught club classes on solving Rubik’s cubes, and didn’t have the money to pay for Rubik’s cubes (10 dollars roughly per cube). What I did was: I has for a 10 dollar fee from everyone as a “class due”. It worked out because I told them my time isn’t cheap (its a job). But what I did was I used that money to buy everyone a Rubik’s cube. This way it shows determination on solving and shows that they aren’t going to be wasting my time. Also they get to keep the cube to work on at their homes, theoretically they learn for free. With this system I always had people learning and people came to my sessions because they paid to learn (that’s just simple psychology).

What I recommend you do is get the projams. The reasons I say this is because there aren’t that many good yoyo’s under 5 dollars that are new. Also Mosquitos are 4.50 at some wal-marts and around 6-7 dollars are other walmarts. Those are cheap and will get you as far as intermediate. The only down side to those are the friction stickers, they fall off and then you have to replace them and that’s costly since my stickers feel off in a week. With the starburst in the Projams won’t wear off that quickly it’s something that they won’t have to replace (that’s good for expenses). Also they will have less to worry about with the projam.

Also something to think about is you might want to tell them up front that most yoyo’s pros buy are pricey ($50 or more) and if they think 5 dollars is rough then they might want to reconsider their choice in hobby (say the last part only as an option even though its true).

Final words:
So I recommend you asking for some money, word it however you wish to word it but ask for around 5 dollars so that you can get a good beginner yoyo. In the end this will help people appreciate what they are going to learn and they will appreciate you for teaching them. I really hopes this helped you even the slightest bit, and if you need more “info” or just more ideas I’ll be checking up and you can also PM me and I’ll help you out more if you need it. It won’t bother me because teaching and helping is what I love doing in the first place.

Get the duncan butterfly, $2.99 round to $3.00.

Thats only $60 bucks.

Try 201’s.

Ask Ben and see if you can work out a bulk deal.

I’ve thought about trying to hold a yoyo club but the problem is the yoyos yanno… But I think all this should help you… One more problem… STRING! Stock string will burn out in just a few days of hard core play… I know I will bust a 50/50 from yye in about a day… I reccomend contacting Jeromy K.He has great prices and sells in bulk… and you could charge a dime a string to make back some of it… You wouldn’t need much, one of his strings will last me a good three weeks, (Thats breaking, not getting bad… ) so for a newb a PF string will last for ever…

Good luck! And after a while you could break down the prices for your pupals and help them purchase better yoyos (Like Die-Nastys or Legacys) for when their better