yoyo camp

has anyone tried doing this???

I was thinking of doing this during spring break and next summer

I know this is really early to be thinking about…

anyway I was thinking of like charging 40 per kid (including the yo yo)

any suggestions???

Do it and get velocitys they will last

im worried the parents will be like " why am I buying a 20$ yo yo "

Show them what you can do with a volocity which is well everything just show them a matrix on it and they will be hooked.

I don’t have one…

If you are going to do something like this then it’s actually the right time to start thinking about it. You have a lot of work to do. You have to make sure that you learn enough or know enough to teach kids that have never thrown before. Also you will have to buy all of the yoyo’s up front. This means you will need a lot of them. Think about it, if 20 kids decide to show up it will cost you up front more than $400. That is an estimation. What if you think there could be 40 or 50 kids? Now I’m sure that if you contacted Ben at YYF, he would give you a good discount for buying that many and for that reason.

Now for advertising. Ugg. more cost. :confused:

You see it’s not going to be that easy. You have to make sure you have enough yoyo’s for the kids that join and advertising and the place to do it. Then you have to get the kids there.

I am not trying to discourage you but to give you insite to what it takes. Running a competition is a bit the same. Tough.

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Generally a limit is set on how many people come for reasons like that.

ya exactly…

and I am the only one who would really know how to yo yo at the camp and
i cant pay attention to 30 kids at one time

so probably 10 or 15 kids would be the limit

How long have you been yoyoing?

Maybe you could do private lessons, and charge by the hour xD

or you could get someon to help you

by the time i get the camp up and running it will have been 1 year …and as of right now 2 months


I have so far learned

the whole beginner section

the whole intermediate section

the whole advanced part 1- except stupid leg wrap trap

half of advanced part 2

skin the gerbil
and whut
wrist mount barrel rolls
dinosaur dances
mondial varriations
brent stole

and a few i made myself

but I don’t know anyone else who yo yos

I was just giving an example. Even if you set a limit at ten that’s $200. Can you afford that? Another thing, what happens if you get the yoyo’s and no one decides to come?

I’m not trying to discourage you. Reality is what I’m giving you. Sometimes reality sucks.

I will say this though. If you “can” afford to do this then I’d say go for it. I’d like to do it myself but I can’t afford it.


what I had In mind was set a date to when kids could sign up

order the yo yo’s for the amount of kids who signed up

then… have the camp!!!

Yah, it seems like a good idea if you can afford it. And from the rate your proggresing i’d say you’d probably be qualified to do it in a year. But if charging money, people will obviously want thier money’s worth. I’d reccomand teaching some of your friends and see how it goes over, just to get a better understanding of teachign methods.


I am planning to contribute the money I earn to a trip to worlds next year

I think you could do it without having money. Get like one month for the kids to sign up, before 2 weeks you charge the money to comfirm who´s coming. After charging the money you order the yoyos. You will need a wide space and some chairs and maybe soda and water for the kids that come. You will also have to order some string, maybe 10 strings for each one that comes and if you can make it print out a small booklet on how to change the string and things like that.
You could also offer the people that want to pay less, instead of a velocity a duncan mostquito, plays really well for the basics.