Yo-Yo Camp?

I think it would be so awesome if there was a camp for yoyo players, 2 weeks of hanging with the pros, learning new tricks, and just chilling with players of all ages. Just wondering how many throwers would actually go?

I think this idea is not viable, and would not get off of the ground.
There is not a high enough concentration of yoyoers in one area to be able to generate revenue, and few would be willing to take long drives to and from camp.

There is also the matter of determining who is “good enough” to be a instructor.

I thought it would be like a yoyo competition. Players from all around the world meet up at the World yoyo competition. If someone could make this big enough I think it would be successful.

Lets make a new contest! A camp would be cool but it would be hard and expensive. :slight_smile:

I think that would be a great idea, just hard to figure out when and where. Id say a 1 day intensive after a competition would be a good time

Worlds must be expensive. I just figured all the companies could team up. It’d be cool if they also have out a free plastic yoyo to everyone (nothing too crazy, just a One, or a Classic, a FHZ, Trigger possibly, but not high end metals or anything like that)

There’s kinda already a world yoyo contest so I don’t really understand why you would need another one because then if it happens then some yoyoers would go to one and others would go to another so there wouldn’t really be a proper yoyo champion for that year.

no I want the yoyo camp to be as big as worlds. Not make another worlds, haha silly goose.

Thats expensive man! World has to cost over a 1000 dollars or more to run on it’s own! I don’t know about you guys but that’s really expensive! Plus if we did get a Yoyo camp where would it be? How much would it be there to stay at the camp? And most importantly what would you do there?

In Czech Republic we have long tradition of Yoyo Camp. Last year we were for one week in summer in awesome mountain cottage in Czech highest mountains Krkonose. About 40 yo-yoers, from them about 30 adults, all famous Czech guys were there.

Just awesome week of hiking, throwing yoyo, Discgolf, BBQ, Geocaching, playing tabletop games and heavy drinking :slight_smile: We also had small yoyo contest there, just for fun.

You can check photo gallery on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.426728354035237.92487.287656184609122&type=3

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Yes, yes, yes… I truly am a silly goose. lol ;D

okay now one more question if we were to have the yoyo club supposedly be a successful on it who would it be available to? beginners with no talent or pros that know everything? Also would there be an age group? I mean I don’t want a 5 year old messing around with yo-yos with practically no experience. Also I don’t want an 80 year old man (AKA possible creeper) going around talking about how great yo-yoing was when he was a kid.

You have a great point there. I don’t know what to say though.

I think there should be a yoyo festival where people hang out for two days yoyo companies set up small booths and such that would be cool

Ilke lollapalloza? AWeSOME! even a tent campground and all that!

Everyone. But we’d have to pay to enter. All the sponsors could team up. I don’t think someone would pay around $50 for a 5 year old to mess around. And creepers, I have no idea but well cross that bridge when and if we get there.

your missing the point people do pay for stuff like that or people will be happy to pool out $50 to do it.

I dunno then, you have to atleast be an “advanced” thrower. There’s really no way. Maybe do a special sign up?

Maybe you should move there. :wink:

Not likely to happen.