Yo-Yo Camp?

honestly, I don’t think a parent would pay $50 to leave their 5 year old son at a random camp for a week with people that are throwing metal around. Honestly parents can’t be that stupid, if they are,… That honestly wouldn’t surprise me ::slight_smile:

Around how much do you guys think it would cost though?

Considering you have to pay for food, bunking/campground rental area, entertainment, employees salary to pay for, Yoyo entertainment, advertising and plumbing/electrical bills. I would say maybe $100 would be in the range for a week.

You get the funds, the sponsors to agree into actually doing it, a location and people actually willing/able to go and you can make yourself your camp.

Otherwise odds are it won’t ever happen.

If this actually happens…I WOULD SO GO.

entertainment? Who needs entertainment when you have yoyos? I don’t think we need “employes”, advertising? Doesn’t cost money to put a post on forums, only way it would cost is if you put an ad on a bench or billboard but I think flyers at competitions would be good enough, all you’d pay for would be ink and paper.


I’d be packing my bags the second it’s announced

Ok. I just had an epic idea for a yoyo camp. I don’t know the location, but it’d be a YYE camp. You’d sign up with your username and when you got there, they’d give you a shirt or name tag with your username on it. It’d be pretty cool to see your forum friends there!


Look at you and your great ideas! And on the front of the shirt, it would say " YYE taught me everything I know"

yes that’s perfect!

All of these are great ideas. I would love to meet other throwers in person.

me too!

Yo-Yo University ran a yoyo camp in the Portland area last summer.

A lot of these ideas sound like any yoyo contest I’ve been to or heard of. Just attend one of those.

Id totally go!

oh if you mean employees I guess you don’t need a mantinence man or a chefs to cook food, and a secretary to keep track of people who payed for it.

I never knew you stayed at a yoyo competition for a week.

you should have been more specific.