YoYo Camp?

Hey everyone I’m leaving for camp tomorrow and I am debating over whether I should bring a yoyo or not. If I were to bring one, it would be an Alchemy CU, because currently I don’t even have one plastic. Sad isn’t it? Well anyways I want to be able to yoyo at camp, because two weeks away from yoyoing would make me rusty, but I don’t want extra attention, to be made fun of, or everyone wanting to use my yoyo.

Please tell me what you think I should do because I’m basing my decision on you guy’s feedback.

And guess what? I used correct grammar!!!

Well, why wouldn’t you take it? Good luck and have fun at camp!

Wow I never thought of it that way. Your right i’m most likely bringing now, but i want to hear what others have to say.

well i think you should. i dont think anyone will make fun of you and two weeks away from yoyoing…that just doesnt sound fun. and if people ask to play with it just do what i do, tell them if they can bring it back to their hand then you will let them play with it. ;D
have fun at your camp.

Yeah, I don’t see why you wouldn’t wanna bring your yoyo, besides the fact that its a metal and that people will be dinging it.

Just remember to change your strings often, and cut them short, so that people who wanna try don’t whack it against the ground too easily, and that it doesn’t roll away when the string snaps.

Have fun at camp ;D

Yeah, show off your skills! And if you get in trouble, show off to the head of the camp! ;D Good luck, anyways!

Ya I’m probably going to bring it now, I just wish i had a plastic. Oh well the CU’s pretty tough I’ve hit it on stuff before and it hasn’t dinged. The good thing about my camp though, is that there’s barely any cement. Actually I don’t think there’s any cement in the whole place so I’m safe from hitting it on cement.

Awesome! Have fun and see you later.

i did off string and used a kids hot shot and attracted attention, and wasn’t made fun of!

I think Im going to take all my throws to band camp… (let every one play with the FH2…)

I’ve never been made fun of for yoyoing… It usualy just ends up in me answering a ton of questions

I took my yoyo when I went to camp. We had a saturday night live thing and they had me performe(spelling?) and every body loved it, I was the yoyo man for the rest of the week. It was awsome. :wink:

Yeah, Dings aren’t that bad either.

If you have an M1, those are perfect beater yoyos, you should see mine…

Yes take one. How else are you gonna attract the girls?

Haha :stuck_out_tongue:

I would. One that you know you can beat to death.

I managed to catch the eyes of some German girl when I was camping not long ago. But she somehow managed to break her leg and you can’t really do that much in 4 days.

Addment: The main point is that yoyoing catches other peoples (girls) eyes.

I went to Hume Lake last year, and they said I couldn’t bring my yo-yo’s. :’(

Well for all you people who don’t get made fun of for yoyoing consider yourself lucky because i get made fun of constantly where I’m from. It doesn’t really bother me though, but I don’t know if I want that at camp because my camps the best!!! Well I’m bringing it now and thanks to everyone who gave me advice.

A yoyo can be a really good tool to start conversation and meet new people.