letting people touch your yoyos.

Well i was hanging out at the park with my friends. We were all playing handball and messing around when our ladie friends came around ;D. At that time i was yoyoing with 2 of my friends and they saw. So this girl that im good friends with asked me to try. i really wanted to say no , but i played it cool and said ok. So i hand her my almost mint violet 888x and she puts it on her finger and O_O my 888x was smashed down into concrete. i still played it cool, she said sorry i said np but inside i was like buggin out. Afterward i honestly didn’t care at all i mean its not the end of the world. Has this ever happend to you were you just couldnt say no?

This has been asked many times before :stuck_out_tongue:

If you stress about little marks on your yoyos, carry plastics around.

yes. i got a horrible scratch on my mint dm :’( i was so mad

never say no, because what you give them is more than any yoyo will ever be worth. Plus you got a lil story to go with your yoyo now.

very coolz my friend ;D

so you wanna see LITTLE MARKS?

If there was a grassy spot yes. If not, they’re out’a luck. lol

I would have felt bad if that happened to me. I know I shouldn’t be concerned about it, but I’m weird like that.

Dude, your standing there talking to a girl(probably hot) and your thinking about the little mark on your yoyo? Lol jkjk. I only carry plastics around with me to avoid things like. :slight_smile:

When I yoyo during school and someone wants to try, I let them use my FHZ. If I know they can bind, I might let them use my PGM v2. Plastics (FTW)=No major scratches on my Lunatic. :smiley: Well, there are some big scratches, but they are from me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whenever I let my friends try my yoyos their always broken. And they always promise not to get a scratch on it. Of course they do. So one time this guy threw it down, got a knot in it, unscrewed my yoyo (I forget which one) and dropped the bearing and yoyo (because the bearing doesn’t jam in like almost any other yoyo) and just said whatever and walked away. Another time someone dinged up my Genesis, and chucked a yoyo up in the air, smashed the bearing, dinged a yoyo of mine until it couldn’t bind or do string tricks and slept like 20 seconds (by the way it was a Counter Attack) and they always get upset if I am about to do a trick and they think I’m about to ding it, so they take it away from me when they destroy every yoyo I have. In fact, I would have over 30 great throws if it weren’t for some of my friends who ding my yoyos all up. :stuck_out_tongue: But I guess it happens to everyone. :wink:

this thread is making me feel so sad :’(

Same for me, but it does happen to everyone and deserves its own thread.

I was in the exact same situation as you. Except I let her and a friend borrow my 888x and Peak. Her friend threw my 888x down incorrectly and it was so close to hitting the hard floor. I let her try my Peak (because that thing is basically invincible… except for the scratch from when I hit the concrete with it… again). After nearly drilling herself in the face with it, she landed trapeze. I was so proud :’(

I’m comfortable with letting people use my yoyos at contest because you know that they know what they’re doing. I let people try my Peak, 888x, and GM2 at MER. It all just comes down to how much you trust the person.

Same for me at contests. I feel that at contests the more experienced throwers are there, and you can trust anyone and you just know that they won’t hit it, and it’s just the so great to feel that everyone is a thrower and you can just trust everyone.

Well, I let a dude try my yoyo, threw a sleeper, couldnt bind it,
Let another guy use it, my legacy, freshly satined 1 minute ago awesome grinder, smashed it on the ground and scratched my satined yoyo, which I can only satin when I’m around fine sand or dirt…

On another note, in school when I fixed yoyos, my friend handed me a looper, I asked whats wrong with it, he said it didn’t grab and it didn’t sleep properly. From the start it was a disaster, I mean, the guy didn’t tie a slipknot, he scotch taped the yoyo into a finger loop…I decided to give it a throw.
If I had known that the yoyo’s string was worn out and was fraying near where the starburst rubbed, I wouldn’t have thrown it. I threw an around the world, on the forward pass, the string snapped and the yoyo was spining 10,000 rpm down the hall… And no teacher cared…HA

ya she was hot. And thats why i let her use it… i dont let my friends touch my metals . But im mad about it now but she doesn’t know that so its all gooood

I let one of my classmates use my 888x and she threw it onto the ground (on purpose, I can tell). What really pissed me off is that she just looked at my face which was like O_O and she shrugged, gave ME a dirty look and walked away.

always carry a spare. don’t trust yuggles with your prettys

When a the hot hot girls on my class ask me to try my yoyo I say no. I wont let someone ruin and smash my yoyo just because of their apperance.

I don’t really get too nervous when my friends throw my yoyos. I have three of my yoyos lent out to friends that say they want to learn. However, if they’re standing on concrete or hard floor, I will ask for them to step in the grass or carpet if possible.

I rarely take my good 888x out of the house. I’m not sure if I’m even taking my Genesis on my next trip with me. I normally only take my PGM and DM with me places.