What do you do if somone wants to "try" your yoyo?

Hey guys,

I was just wondering what you do if lets say your showing off in school or to friends and they are amazed at the tricks you can do (even if they are beginner/or intermediate tricks). One or a couple of people ask “Can I try it?”

What do you do? What do you say?

I am just wondering what different people would say in this situation.

Lets see I remember I was in junior high and there was a spanish club party in the art class. This guy I know saw me with my X-brain yoyo and said “let me try.” I saw his hands and they were filty with paint and I dunno. I told him to wash his hands first and then he can try it. So he did. I am a nice guy and let him try it :).

But if I had a dark magic or one of them $50 yoyo’s I would probably have a cheaper yoyo on me as a scapegoat or something. So they won’t bother me asking to try the expensive yoyo :).

I inform them that my yoyo was over $100 and they don’t ask again.

I let them :slight_smile:

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I’m with you. I let them. They are still a toy to me. Made to be played so why not. Sure, I don’t have a $100 dollar yo-yo, but they are still worth quite a bit.

And this thread has been made many times. Just saying :wink:

Well, going around and bragging that you have a $100 yoyo will just make it seem like you are this rich dingdong that cant throw a yoyo worth a hoot, this may or may not be you, but you can make a pretty bad impression like this. Personaly, with younger kids, I do the “its broken” routine. It wont come back because its unresponsive. For the older ones, I either say sorry no, or have my back up Dark Magic with me, so I let them scratch it up.

I let them too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless it’s the classic I hate you, you suck, can I try?

You should see the dents (not dings) on my Aoda Sunshine.

I usually give over a throw monkey. (Rubber Rims) But if I don’t have it, or if some people are iffy… (You know, they are like saying you’re a nerd… and then suddenly demand to try…) then I just say yes, with a $100 deposit, because that’s how much it’s worth. If they actually do deposit, go ahead!!! (But no one yet :-[)

Let 'em. After all, money is worth nothing compared to the spread of joy.

Deep Quint, Very deep. ;D

“, or have my back up Dark Magic with me, so I let them scratch it up.”

This is hilarious, since usually all the people I let try my yo yo keep hitting the floor with it and not knowing how to do anything!

Also that “it’s broken” it don’t come up routine is GENIOUS! I mean I can picture a little kid that goes “can I try that.”

No sry little boy it’s broken this crap yoyo. See it don’t come up. Haha.
I so want a velocity yoyo so bad now and learn how to bind.

I wouldn’t let them try an expensive yoyo unless it’s pretty old and I got another expensive yoyo that I use now.

But still you really can’t trust people. They don’t care about your belongings. They would bash it up and not care.

Well, for a little kid, you could also say “The string’s longer than you are” :stuck_out_tongue:

Call me Ghandi, what can I say?

(By the way, that’s off a bumper sticker floating around somewhere in Arkansas)
(By the way, ^not really^)

Yeah, with younger kids I pull the ehh, its broken, and anyways, the string is so long it would hit the ground and run away…

With most other people I pull a GT (usually brentstole, because it looks awesome) and drop it so its tug responsive, and then I let the go nuts!

Just let them. My friend dinged my DM before I even tried it (ah well)
;D feels happy to seem em throwing as well ;D
Even if they know nuts about it(not being able to do a gravity pull) Still good to see :smiley:

I let them.

If I can I ask them to yoyo over grass or carpet. If there is none available then yes they can use my yoyo still.

I just say It’s a $120 professional yoyo and if you do just one thing wrong you could ruin it. (Like dinging it.) Because I allways have my Hatrick with me (except at school I have my P2), and I have allready had people try to jack it at school… :’(

Really how do you know they tried to jack it? You can’t trust people. Thats why it’s not good to let them use expensive yoyos.

I unwind it and tell them if they can wind it I’ll let them play with it most everyone gives up in the first five minuets but one kid really wanted to try my dv888 so I did the usual but when I came back he had it all jumbled and Knoted up and litterally ruined the string that just goes to show you DON’T be cock eyed and rude about your yo yo’s. :slight_smile:

if you can wind you can play with it lol. How do you rewind them expensive yoyo’s? Do you put your finger over the yoyo and wrap it a few times over your finger?