What do you do if somone wants to "try" your yoyo?

Yes, well sort of. Lol
It’s just because it’s unresponsive it doesn’t catch the string as easy.And by the way it’s not because it’s more expensive that it will not catch as easy it has to do with the responce, cheap yoyos won’t aswell if there unresponsive. :wink:

This is already a thread. Just gonna throw that out there.

BIG lol A friend came over today and picked up my mary tried to wind it=no joy,so i did it for him the horror on my face when he throw it down no dings but a near heart att-ackk! :o

daaang. not trying to be mean, here but can you add punctuation next time? I’m having a hard time reading that ;D

If it’s my Dv888, i tell them i dont usually let people use that one, but if its a plastic, then i say go for it. :wink:

I remember when I was in kindergarten and wanted to bring this little stick with a brush coming out that lights up I got from the circus I believe. So I bought it to kindergarten and let people see it. They ended up breaking it and it wouldn’t light up anymore :(. I think they lost it as well and I had to go get it back with my mom. It was in the sand box :P.

So basically be careful don’t let people use your stuff and break it :(. Also if maybe your other friend yoyo’s he might get jealous either of your new yoyo or how your more advanced them him. He might try to break your yoyo or put dents in it on purpose to sabotage you.

This happened to me. SOME GUY STOLE MY ELECTRODE HOLOGRAM POKEMON CARD!!! I never forgot it. You don’t know the pain I went through. I know he stole it, but the fact is he kept telling me he never took it. GRRRRRR!!

I am all mad now that was MY ELECTRODE CARD.

I let them
I let a waiter at a restaurant try it
he didn’t put the loop right and threw my heavy cream across the restaurant

I’m find this hilarious…

Because they took it, ran off, and didn’t give it back untill I told the teacher…

And yes, that is why I don’t let people try out any of my yoyo’s. I only yet one person try out my PGM at school as a noob and they tried to jack it. That’s why I allways keep my metal yoyo in my pocket and never let anyone except myself use it. People have even broken into my backpack and tried to find it just to screw with me. Plus, nobody likes me at my school for some reason lol! :smiley:

Dang atleast you got it back. Did that kid get in trouble for stealing a yoyo? Any idea what the teacher told him?

I just had a flash back. My mom sent me to a “retarded” camp when I was younger. Ok wasn’t really retarded but more like a handicap camp. Sure I am partially deaf and she sends me to this camp cause it’s free. Most of the people there were…let’s just say i hated that camp so much and was too…smart/big for most of the stuff there.

Anyways I would bring my yoyo there and occasionally people would ask to see it. Heck having the yoyo with me probably saved my life from going insane haha. I was nice enough to let people see it cause what are they gonna do?

Usually I say ‘no’ unless I know they are able to yoyo or it is someone whom I trust and we are not near anything that has the potential to ding my yoyo.

well,all the kids on my neighborhood play basketball and their hands are SO dirty. When they ask ‘’ Can i try’’ ‘‘PLEASE’’ uhh… ( keep in mind i feel like saying it’s 106.00 but i dont like to brag :stuck_out_tongue: ) so… I say the magic word… NO,srry. but when i see a kid about my age (11) with clean hands i’ll say yeah- sure- whatever. THROW DUNCAN

No, nobody ever gets in trouble for doing anything wrong at my school. She’s just like, Sean, give it back. And that was it… I was like, what? I know it really stinks. And yeah, you can never trust anybody. I only let my yoyo buds try my yoyo’s. That’s it. Sometimes if a yuggle asks,“Can I try out your yoyo?” I say,“Nope, sorry, it’s an expencive proffesional yoyo.” And then they say in a rude voice, “Oh come on, please”. Then I say “Try asking again.” And then they say,“Can I try out your yoyo!?”. And then I say,“No.” :smiley:

-James Reed!

I usually just carry a cheap yoyo so people can try ir and I wont worry about it

The only time anyone has ever asked for a go, was June last year. A fellow whom I worked with asked if he could try. So, I said ‘Have you done this before?’ He replied ‘No, first time.’ So, I showed him how to throw it so he wouldnt smash it into the ground, and set him on his merry way. He promptly did a trapeze, then a trapeze and his bro, then a double or nothing. First go. A natural, if ever I saw one!

I think he was playing you. First they say they don’t know anything then they go all pro making your mouth wide open thinking WHAT THE HECK???

Yeah, but thats all he did for the next three months…

Them: Whoa, cool can I try?
Me: yeah sure
Them: Whoa thanks a lot!
me: No prob, heres how you wind it up.
them: This is so cool! I’m going to get one!
me: Try looking at walmart or maybe online at Yoyoexpert.com

Its a ding you guys, it represents a memory. What if that kid goes home and tells him mom he wants a yoyo? what if soon enough he is searching and finds YYE, and if we didnt share our precious Dv888 with him? You have one less ding and one less yoyoer. Cmon guys, dont be greedy.

Oh contrar, most of the time he’ll try it, won’t be able to get i back up, and claim it’s broken. Then he has a smaller chance of yoing than he did before.

sure go for it! (unless it’s a great grinder, then i don’t want to risk a ding.)

Never lend yoyos that open and have spacers to small kids, I once lended my mosquito to a small k id and I wasnt paying attention to him and he went away and when I found him and he had opened the yoyo and almost lost a spacer.

Do any of you have an uncle like this: He sometimes when comes to my house says me to let him him try my yoyo, he knows some basic trick and how to throw properly, but what bothers me is that he stars to brag, lie and exagerate that he was a yoyo champion and that he can do infinite around the worlds and stuff like that.