Just a few thoughts...

Well it sure has been a while. But I have some questions that I hope will spark some debate.

  1. This is just something that came to my mind today. While throwing for the first time in months I thought of something. Do you get embarrassed around other people when they see you yo-yo? I know that I am a high school student and I would find myself hiding the fact that I yo-yoed. I was really the only one who did it and people thought it was dumb. What are your thoughts?

  2. How do you keep yourself interested in yo-yoing? It’s something that I enjoy but I find myself losing interest. I guess its because I’m pretty much the only one I know that yo-yos. Any thoughts?

Feel free to express your opinion .

well i just got into highschool so yea im a freshmen and well i had a discussion with my friend jaden if me and him would still yoyo in highschool and well i guess if its a hobby you really enjoy you would continue to do it. i mena i still yoyo cause its a very serious hobby to me. i mena just today after football practice i was yoyoing and a junior walked by me and said “yea yoyoings totally gonna get you laid.” it hurt but i continued to yoyo cause its a very fun hobby to me. i guess if you enjoy it enough keep going but if other peoples insults or thoughts will annoy you too much than just quit. its your choice.

I can relate to you.

I dont really keep it a secret at school, but I dont go around telling everyone I yoyo. Telling someone that your favorite activity is yoyoing, you will sound stupid. But once they see you yoyoing and learn about the modern day yoyo, they usually think its pretty cool and unique.

Well, I don’t throw around other people right now because I don’t feel I have enough skill yet. Once i can start doing combos I won’t care.

How do I keep myself interested? I like this. That’s all I need. I’m having fun, the rest is irrelevant.

I just graduated this year from high school, so I am 18, and I kinda have the same experince as you. Not quite embarresment but I sure don’t just start yoyoing in public out of knowhere. I have read posts about people waiting in line at a store (wallmart or target I think was mentioned) and they just decided to yoyo and I would never do that…not sure of the reason why either.

I want to go to competitions in the very near future so that is what keeps me interested but there are days when I do kinda loose interest. I also know what some might think, I want to yoyo competitivly but I don’t just yoyo in public…well they are very diffrent and it I just never thought about yoyoing in a line at wherever.

Well, actually, I’m small, and I use my metals as weapons against other people :wink:

But seriously folks, I have a friend who yoyos at school with me. I go to a small, independent school in NYC, and it ends in 8th grade, so next year, we’ll be splitting up and going to different high schools. I most likely won’t reveal to people that I yoyo (or at least I won’t flaunt it). We thought it might be fun to go to worlds one year to get back together after not being in the same grade anymore. So next year, I won’t really have “a yoyo buddy” to yoyo with, and I’ve definitely thought about whether it’ll be as fun to yoyo after that. But if it’s something you love to do, I think it will stick with you. Don’t tell yourself you don’t like yoyoing if you still do, because then you might actually start disliking yoyoing.

Do it. Anywhere. Everywhere.

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Well, i used to be sorta embarassed but now i just dont care. I used to think that people would think i was dumb, but usually when people see that its not just a 5$ toy and that it has evolved they usually are polite and are interested. I yoyo EVERYWHERE i go. Except work of course. Like slade said about yoyoing in line at the store, IM THAT GUY. lol. Im 23 years old almost and at this point in my life i dont care if you think im stupid for doing something i enjoy. If you are so ignorant that your gonna judge me based on something like this then… I have absolutely zero interest in talking to you. Get lost. but like i said most people are very interested. I mean, I wouldn’t be talking to a girl i liked while playing with a yoyo, lol. But for the most part, i dont care. I think as a person trying to get through your life, you shouldn’t always be worrying about what other people think. If they like me, Cool. If not… shrugs

during my high school, i didnt care about very much, so i felt at ease throwing in the hallway, i didnt care if people villified me, but eventually people would gather around me to watch, they would litterally ask for demonstrations and even the teachers got interested… i live in a fairly small town but yoyoing has given me a better sense of popularity and dare i say, fame… once in a while, when im out and about, random people ask if im that yoyo guy and i give them a demo…

basically, dont let other people bother you about it, some people will be interested and others wont… but most people like to see things that take a lot of skill and i say for the ones that dont, 99.9% of the time are jelous of your talent… and who knows, it might score a few points with the ladies… (but seriously, dont rely on your yoyo to score a girlfriend)

Heh, I can relate. I’m no high school student or anything… I’m 24 years old and make my living in the US Army. People in my office have come to accept my strange hobby and actually find it extremely entertaining. I’ve gotten over the fact that not even is gonna understand it, you can’t expect to please everyone in life.

In the end it comes down to what makes you happy.

Yo-yoing in high school definitely won’t get you into the cool crowd (though I may be wrong - I graduated HS 10 years ago)…BUT…I think it’s cool to do it despite what other people think. A “cool” kid on the football team might say something mean to you around his friends because for some reason he thinks being an *** is cool, but inside I guarantee he has respect for you for having the balls to do something you enjoy.

Remember what Gandhi said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” I don’t know if they will fight you, but keep yo-yoing long enough and you’ll probably win.

That being said, I wouldn’t yoyo at school unless I were off by myself or with my yo-yoing friends and we were off by ourselves ;D

I am in middle school and the people that know that I do yoyo they think I am really good but i am not that good. I don’t yoyo at school because I might get in trouble and because some people will make fun of me but if/when I do yoyo at school I am going to try to ignore any insults that come my way and if it goes as far as fighting then I would do something. I can’t really tell you how i keep myself interested because i have only been throwing for 7 months but i really enjoy it and I do not plan on stopping anytime soon.

I don’t hide it it’s a part of who I am. Why should I care what they think? I have fun with it and do it all the time. I tend to not really care much about what people think of me. If they don’t like me for who I am do I really want them to like me?
(I mean I like ponies why should I care what people think about my yoyos? lol)

And as for yoyoing do it all the time I keep up with it too. I had a period of time that I went out for a while but I got back into it and I’m pushing further then ever.

Also note that I’ve never found any real hate only someone who “Could never be impressed by that.”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Same Here Skip. I have a Yoyo with me always. I Throw any chance I get.

Answer to #1
Now i’m Not in school but I Understand the associated problems school Jerks.
I throw at work, home and publicly.
I have never had a bad comment from anyone.

I probably makes a difference given that when people meet me for the first time they are reminded of Hagrid from the Harray Potter Films.
I have Height, Build and lots of Hair.

Answer to #2
I know what its like I yoed on and off between 2005 and 2008. Back to it earlier this year.
I have never met another Local Player.
It would be fantastic to be able to meet with like minded people.
But until then, I will Yo because it’s what I do.

Just Keep Throwing and keep having Fun.


<3 :smiley: (Check it out. http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,29774.3060.html )

Now back on topic lol.

Yeah man just go for it if someone makes fun of you just remind them yoyos were originally a weapon. :smiley:

I yoyo wherever the hay I want
Its who I am, its what I do, you got a problem with it, I couldn’t care less.
People tell me to stop, they better have a good reason.

As for keeping yourself into yoyoing. I just try to keep up with new vids coming out for inspiration and sometimes, listening to music while trying to create keeps things fresh and new.


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your posts amaze me once again.

haha, Judgement cat… lol. Nice.

Ahh highschool… personally i never got a chance to throw back then because i was never there haha. And because i hadnt really found this great hobby yet. As of right now though, i throw everywhere. The DMV is by far the best place. I had people yelling and cheering so loud you couldnt even hear the numbers being called. It was very memorable. Dont EVER let anyone make you feel uncomfortable about what you do. Do what makes you happy

This is what I get when I show my yoyoing skill in my class and I’m still a middle school student