Yes indeed! I'm the best without a doubt!!

I can honestly say that I’m the greatest, most advanced yoyoer in this town! No I haven’t won any contests, no I’m not a celebrity, no no no. I’m just the only adult that actually has the guts to yoyo! If there was one other adult in this town that yoyoed, I might find myself as second best. I guess in reality it’s not my yoyoing abitlity that’s impressive, it’s not my amazingly good looks (well maybe my looks are that impressive), it’s not my charming smile, it’s just the fact I know what makes me happy and I’m willing to be myself. Let the others limit their lives trying to impress one another, I have more enjoyable things to do.

People often try to suggest that I find something else better to do. I suggest my purpose is to provide them the opportunity to do what they love to do. Looking down on others that are different. It’s to bad their esteem is built on such a weak foundation. Growing up doesn’t mean you should stop growing. Yoyoing is productive in so many ways. I’ve found that explaining the benefits to haters is pointless. It’s better to persevere. Don’t get upset when people don’t understand what we do. They work so hard had being the same as everyone else, they sadly know nothing other than total conformity.

I just wanted to make this post to offer support to those that find themselves facing the frustration of nay sayers.

We’re fortunate!


I agree 100%. Do what you enjoy doing, if others feel the need to belittle you in efforts to raise their own self esteem, don’t take it to heart, instead take solace in knowing they will never be as comfortable in their own skin as you are in yours.

Being a bit on the older side of things, 27, I got back into throwing about 9 months ago after originally getting involved half my lifetime ago. Aside from my roommate, all my friends took pleasure in making fun of my kids toy, instead of just being open minded and allowing me to enjoy myself. Unfortunately this is just human nature, but do not let this keep you from being you. Offer those nay sayers a try, give them a chance to turn some of that negativity towards the unknown into a possible spark of new interest. You never know who might be your next yo-yo buddy :slight_smile:

Oh and btw, ALL of my friends who originally bashed my yo-yoing can now do bind returns, simple frontstlye tricks and a few basic mounts. I also just helped two of them place their frist yo-yo orders :slight_smile:

Right attitude, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, more people do not have the same attitude towards what they enjoy doing. Even worse, some people have not found that thing or those things that they enjoy doing.

I’m not that good but I don’t care. I know I can improve with practice. Now that I am organizing yoyo meets, I’m hanging out with at least one other yoyo enthusiast and am pulling in others to the world of yoyo.

flying wafflez i have a very similar situation, when i started tons of people made fun of me for it, but now that i can do a bunch of advanced and really impressive tricks people are saying, “wow, maybe this isn’t so childish, this is actually pretty cool.” and so far i’ve gotten about 7 or 8 of my friends to get yoyos and try learning tricks and stuff.

another thing is, people in their ignorance like to do two things, one is put others down because they think it makes them look higher up, and the other is hate that which they do not know. like i said once they saw how great yoyoing was, they started to like it, and it’s getting tot he point where in my group of friends, those that can’t yoyo kind of feel inadequate, which is a shame but at the same time it’s uplifting to see that more people are open towards it and want to try it.

Passion; I’m starting to believe that many people never experience true passion during their entire lives. Makes me glad to be different.

(jrspike, have you checked out “Yoyo Girl Cop” yet? :wink: You may find some passion there ;D)

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I agree with this 100%! It’s hard to find people with a passion that drives them to be their very best. Yo-yoing stretches the limits of my creativity and causes it to wander into new territory. My friend who is a non-yoyoer is amazed by the precision we have. Yo-yoing has caused my dexterity and eyes to evolve.

Most importantly, it’s because of the fact that I have something that I love, it’s made me a better person. To give something a try before hating, or to see an everyday object in a new way. Yo-yoing has done all this and much more. Because of this, I can’t see that pen you’re holding the same way, or that yahtzee set.

Creating, and displaying, my creativity has never been better.

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I think this is a great topic. I am 33 years old and have been yoyoing for the better part of my life. I now live in a small town and don’t really have anyone nearby to throw with. I just recently did a freestyle demonstration for some kids at a local elementary school (someone really had to twist my arm to agree to it). The kids loved it. It made me realize how great it makes me feel to know how much joy yoyoing can bring to peoples lives. I plan on trying to promote yoyoing more in my community and do more public demonstrations. I say if its something you love. Go for it. And don’t let anyone tell you different.

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This post is right on point, good job in starting it Skitrz.
I’m now 54 years old, and people have a great time giving me hell about throwing. Between YoYo’s and snowboarding, I never stop hearing what a child I’ve grown up to be.

But like Skitrz states, they all feel very compelled to speak negatively towards behavior that’s outside that of the herd. Yet I constantly have people approach me privately and ask me about both YoYo’s and snowboarding. Clearly it’s not socially acceptable to show enthusiasm in front of the others.

I thank God everyday that I have the freedom to enjoy YoYo’ng without the fear of reprisal they seem to have…How sad for them. :frowning:


A better person: the goal that more should have. Every single day in my classes we recite, “I will be a better person today than I was yesterday and a better person tomorrow than today.” I wish it was everyones life goal.

Nice Winslow! Sharing is one of the things that makes yoyoing so great. Kids are so much more receptive than their adult counterparts. I love that energy! Kids can change adults perceptions much more easily than you or I. It’s difficult for mom, dad, aunts, uncles, friends, grandparents to squelch a kids excitement and enthusiasm.

I’ve on occassion, had parents ask me to teach them a trick so they could surprise their kid. I respect that.

When people turn their heads and whisper, roll their eyes, or say negative things when they see you yoyo, keep that memory. It’s a gift! That way we will be less likely to do the same when others demonstrate interests that differ from our own.

Great thread!
I have always felt out side the box. Every one of my recreational activities have been looked at as ITS JUST CHILDISH.
A list of the most enjoyable…
I have a an addiction to rock climbing( all forms)
Ice climbing
Snowboarding ( Hey skirtz I have to get the footage up of me doing handrails and jumps throwing yoyo) I want to get some on my ramp in the garage while skateboarding also.
throwing yoyo ( I never thought I would collect yoyos but I now have over 30)
Board gaming ( very large collection over 100 games) have even made 6 of my own 3 have been marketed.
The best part is when someone asks what did you do on the weekend?
My answer is never OH NOTHING. Its the old why do you do stuff like that? you could get hurt or…

The places Ive been because of my interests are great. Even my children enjoy it. My sons birthday is come at the beginning of April and I ordered him his first yoyo. He has some loppers my old fireball. But this will be his own. Im going to start him a yoyo case also.
Im 37 and hope to be young as I can for as long as I can.
I agree with Skirtz WE are fortunate. ;D

Hey shorty! Long time no see. Sounds like things are going well and I didn’t know you were a board game maker, grats!

Today while skiing, a friend looked at me and said, “You have to much fun. How do you justify sacrificing so much?” I replied, “I didn’t realize I was sacrificing anything.” He looked at me confused, “Sure you are. You aren’t getting rich.” Then I got it. “No I will never be rich, but that’s never been my goal. I’ve planned for the future, taken care of my responsibilities and I’m content. Many people have money or objects and still lack contentment. Giving up what I love, to pursue your definition of success, would be sacrifice. It’s better that I live, rather than just exist.”

I think I’ll send him a yoyo! (Even though he’s richer! LOL)

Thought I’d share this as it kind of demonstrates, and goes along with this discussion, how we judge others, even friends, sometimes.

Very well said Skirtz./
The boardgames come to me while I play other games. My mind is always going. Some times to many thoughts. I think thats the reason why Im so active.
You mentioned, to pursue definition of success. Each one of us has a different definition of success. At least the ones who don’t fall in to the Im gona keep up with the Jones attitude.

Lift a glass to not ever being rich!! But always enjoying life and the gifts it has to offer.

I feel more enlightened :smiley: We need some kind of mantra ;D

Money is over-rated.

My problem perhaps is that I’m not money motivated. I under-charge, I under-bill, I over-provide. I make sure the job is done properly and the customer is happy. I won’t talk business, but you wouldn’t believe what I’m got from CalStates and what I’m getting for BAC. But I won’t discuss that here as that’s a private matter. Having all my gear paid for in full helps me give insane deals.

I discovered years ago that doing a gig and walking away with a pocket full of money isn’t leaving me feeling fulfilled. It’s just work in exchange for money. There’s no joy. Granted, I may have had fun, but it isn’t the same thing. Living out of a travel bag, on the road with a tour or going from gig to gig, getting paid be constantly moving. No stability. Wasn’t fun for me after a while. Money was great. Wasn’t truly happy. Love of money can be a bad thing.

I find rich people, not as a rule, but in general, do not seem to not be happy. Here I am, living check to check and in general I’m a pretty happy guy. I do stuff for way below what I should be charging. I help small time promoters make the impossible happen. I help organizations I believe in(charities especially). I can do insane things like do things for irresponsibly cheap. Sometimes being the owner has it’s privs.

I love doing sound. I want to use the gear. It’s expensive, I worked hard for it, it’s not supposed to be sitting in a truck, it’s supposed ot be out and used. I enjoy it. Granted, my success has been hampered by not sticking with a major sound provider and being an EMPLOYEE. I’ll do it my way. I can also avoid a lot of the crap I had to deal with and make opportunities available to others that I had to literally fight for.

So, where does yoyo fit it? I needed a hobby that didn’t weight so much. Gotta say, a 69 gram yoyo is lighter than most of my mics, much less a 400-pound console(in the road case with the wiring). I can’t set up the console on my own, it’s too big!

At CalStates, I got to put two things together: sound and yoyo. Freakin’ awesome. I also do sound at other events of course. One being the twice a year SacAnime. The difference is after CalStates, I want to work harder on yoyo. With SacAnime, I’m totally disgusted with Anime and if it wasn’t for the bands, I’d split from that gig as it otherwise gives me no joy, it’s just a paycheck.

There’s a lot of what are essentially living dead wandering the world. While they aren’t moving slow and shouting “brains…”, they are zombies non-the-less. They have no joy, no passion. They are just kinda going through the motions and marking time until it’s time for them to take the eternal dirt nap. Wake up, go to work, get a check, watch some sports on TV on the weekend, start again Monday. Hey, I’m all for routine, but sometimes there’s more to life than a mundane pattern of behavior. Why not do something with this time that you can really enjoy? For that, why not yo-yo? OK, sure, yo-yo isn’t for everyone, but maybe something else is. People need to spend more time being happy.

I’m not a success in the sense I have tons of money. I am married, I got kids, I got 2 dogs, I got a roof over my head and am allowed to persue things that help fill in the gaps and also brings me additional joy. Maybe I am a success. Maybe I’m not. Maybe I don’t care. Maybe I don’t feel like changing. Maybe I don’t care about other people’s opinions. I’m have a great time. That’s what’s important to me.

Too bad more people haven’t figured this sort of thing out.

I play for a living! I’m happy. Deal with it!

great thread.

I actually like doing something like that, then I see haters and they hate on me for doing it.

then, usually, a few years later, I see them doing the same thing because it has gotten popular. that feeling is AWESOME! like being onto something 4 or 5 years before anyone else, seeing the very same people who hated on you for doing it, starting to do it themselves.

After giving your response some thought, maybe it’s that very enthusiasm that forces the realization that they are missing out. Thus, they respond negatively because they are distraut and are to insecure to attempt to make the meaningful changes that would bring them joy and happiness. It seems like they just lock themselves up and throw away the key. The fear of change can be so dehabilitating. If only there was a way to aid their escape but some things you have to do for yourself.

Yoyoing is epic. Many people look down on me butthats what I do. Don’t let others judge you.