Why do I do this? (Thoughts on what yoyoing actually has done personally)

This is an interesting sort of topic that is sort of a self reflecting kind of thing for me.

The other day I was on a little outing with some friends of mine who I hadn’t seen in some time who I met when I was still in college. There was a lot of catching up to do! Of course much of our conversation had to do with our jobs and career paths, our relationships, travels and whatnot, but eventually our conversation led to the topic of our interest outside of work. Everyone had their hobbies and interest, gaming, dance, photography, hang gliding for one of them! But when it came to me, with much confidence I told them that my hobby was yoyoing. During the time that they had known me, I wasn’t yoyoing much. I had been pretty into it prior to those years, but during my college years I basically stopped, so none of my friends of that time knew I had anything to do with it. Needless to say, telling my friends of my yoyoing was a bit of a surprise to them.

Many questions arose, and I got to show off a trick with the yuuksta I was carrying with me at the time. But one question made me think before answering a bit. And while some can confidently blurt out an answer to this question, I took a moment to really think about what this question was asking.
“Why do you do this?”.

Really when I think about it, I could have gotten into many different hobbies and activities before. Quite a few of my friends got really into tennis. I never could get into it. Some others joined a running club, and while I run, clubs aren’t much my thing. So why did I choose yoyoing? Nonetheless why did I stay with it?

Growing up, I didn’t have much that really screamed “unique” in terms of what your average kid/teen would be doing. Took up violin for a few years, was on a volleyball team, ran track, really nothing I did was that interesting to most, nothing that really separated me from the others or made me stand out. I remember when I randomly came across yoyoing and got my first yoyo. There was something more than just it being a hobby to me. It was something that suddenly made me more than just your “normal girl” from Cali. I suddenly had something that made me feel very different and unique, someone who stood out from the crowd. Even with my limited skills, I felt like a whole new person for doing a “split the atom” while waiting for a bus on my kickside. Even as I found the yoyo community of many others like me, there was still something very unique and “individual” about yoyoing that only increased my love for it further.

I thought about the question asked, why do I do this? Simply, in a very crazy way, it gives me something to live for. And maybe that sounds insane to say, but for me it is true! Sometimes I find my job can be very dull and mechanical, and the daily routine can make me feel very plain, but then I put that yoyo on my finger, and suddenly I am broken free of that standard norm and become something else. It gives me an identity, an identity that at least to me makes me something more.

Some of my friends thought yoyoing was cool! While I could tell one of the others thought it was a bit silly and tried to hold in laughing, but you know, that’s honestly ok, because yoyoing is something for ME. Sure sometimes I like to show others tricks or inspire some to give it a try, but what yoyoing has done for me personally is worth more than a couple “that’s silly” laughs or not being taken seriously. Because it is what I do!

As weird and quirky as telling people that I am a yoyoer is, I feel I can say it with pride, as truly it is something that made me who I am, and as much as I’d like to just introduce myself: “Hi I’m Jessica! A customer service rep at a software company”, I much rather say: “Hi I’m Jessica! I like yoyos!”

Never getting a video of me so thats all youre gonna get XD


Get this girl onto the Why Do I Yoyo Contest! :smiley:

Just Kidding. I love stories of why people yoyo. Everyone’s so different and yet together. Thanks for the story!

P.S. Btw I hate being on pictures/videos as well. Check out my “Why Do You Yoyo” for the YYE contest, it’s embarrassing! :-[ :stuck_out_tongue:

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This was really a great read. Thanks for sharing this, kinda made my day. Why will we “never” see a video?

Yoyo started out as a curiosity to me. Now it’s a passion and creative outlet.

Instead of saying this-
“Hi, I’m LaMonté! I’ll be your server today.”

I say-
“Hello, my name is LaMonté. I make yoyos.”

This hobby is fun, rewarding, and an essential part of my day.

stands up shakily, looks around nervously

“Hi, my name is Lac Phan, and I am a Yoyoholic”

people claps

smiles awkwardly

Wasn’t through typing and accidentally pressed send. The post is modified now. ;D

Oh LOL I thought you were just saying Hi, which reminded me of something like AA or something :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks! I am terrible in front of a camera. Something about cameras makes me mess up horribly. Camera anxiety I suppose. Never been really able to ever record a trick successfully!

I yoyo simply as a distraction.

It helps me from breaking a promise to myself to never kill again.


They call him the doctor…

OK I am totally missing something here. From Usagicat and Lamonte.

Lamonte, if you played the harmonica every day… everyday and you were really good. Would you say, ‘Hello my name is LaMonté. I will be your server today and I play the harmonica’?

And if Usagicats’ main pastime was Ballet; would she say, ’ Hello I am your Customer service rep and I am a Ballerina’?

What is the compulsion to inspire people to introduce themselves as yoyo throwers?

Hi my name is Tom and I play Poker.

Hello my name is Ricky and I am a martial artist.

My name is Susan. I will be your tour guide today and I like to throw yoyos.

I am not seeing the importance of sharing unsolicited information?

So on Monday I should step in front of the class and say, ‘Hello my name is Mo. I will be presenting this segment on Structural Welding and Fabrication and I really like to yoyo’?


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It’s like looking in some kind of uncanny mirror!

Never getting a video from me unless you follow my Instagram

Anywaaays, another fantastically inspirational post from Usagi Jessica. You definitely should have entered the contest. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with Lac, I always love hearing what yo-yoing means to people and how it has affected them. Thank you for sharing your story.

Oh man, true that. First thing I do when I come in from a long day at the office is grab my iPod and grab a yoyo. ;D

If shooting videos isn’t your thing, then that’s cool. As long as you’re getting the most enjoyment that you can out of yo-yoing, then keep doing what you’re doing. :slight_smile:

I think that “camera anxiety” is fairly common though. Heck, I know I get it when I try and film stuff. It’s like my hands just forget how to do a trick they’ve done a thousand times. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello Lac! claps

The first step is admitting it.

The second step is buying more yo-yos.

There is no third step.

What a quote. Truer words have rarely been spoken. Rico Norris would be proud. ;D


It isn’t that literal dude. I don’t walk up to folks like, “Hey this is my name, I do this!” I don’t answer the phone like, “Yo! My middle name is, and my favorite thing to do is tea time. Do you like tea time too?”

If what I do comes up within a conversation, I am likely to share that I run a yoyo company. It’s a big part of my life that I have no problem talking about. I have waited tables before, but that isn’t a passion of mine. It’ll probably never come up when I meet someone. Is discussing ones passion that uncommon in your area? This information isn’t unsolicited, it can easily come up during a normal conversation. (Which I have plenty of lol) Hope that explains it for you.

:notes:I’m attached to this game like women to their wedding rings​:notes:

It’s definitely amusing to think that something I played with so casually as a kid, and which I learned begrudgingly as a camp counselor has become a totally integral part of my daily life, tied to so many of my friendships and my own sense of identity. There’s no way for me to measure how much I’ve taken from throwing yoyos - it’s definitely become something “I am” as opposed to something “I do”…

And I t’s a toy. At first we play with it, then we transcend “play” for awhile before eventually coming back to it. One huge trick, and one string connecting all of us. Always surreal to step back think about it in perspective.

Thx for a great post. :slight_smile:

We are the string, and the Earth is our yo-yo. We are then used until we can go no more, and the earth uses new strings (new generation after new generation)… and since the Earth is our yoyo. It sure is the most durable yoyo I ever Used.

Pretty rightly said all of you.

I didn’t think that this can be a part of your life.

Like there 3 important things in my life. God. Health. Sports. But yoyoing is 4rth now.

Its like you can do this alone but tstill have that excitement or adrenaline rush. And too while being active.

It also breaks the language barriers as in if theres an other yoyoer you can talk to him without any awkwardness.

that is true that the yoyo can break all barriers… we get all kinds of stories from Usagi about where she takes her yoyos and what happens to them… (rip yoyo at the bottom of the bay)…
also as a pretty socially not that great guy the first time i went to a contest its like i was with my people i could talk to anybody and they understood me…

it does make us all a bit unique because ive never seen two people with the same playstyle thought it would be pretty cool if there were twins out there who yoyo and do it synchronized…

I was in a job interview last week and the manager asked me what I do for hobbies. Well I said right away, “I yo-yo a lot at home.” I then had to elborate a bit of how it’s not just throwing it up and down and looping, but hey, I stood by my hobby.

People keep doing something that they enjoy, it makes them feel alive.