Why Do You Yoyo And What Do You Love Most About It

The reason that I yoyo is because it’s just part of who I am. I’ve always played with yoyos since I was a kid in the 90s.

Even though I’ve taken many breaks, I’ve always had this deep passion for this amazing hobby. I’m the type of guy that loves hobbies that requires a lot of skills and that allows me to be competitive (I’m very competitive).

Some of my other hobbies are gaming, skateboarding, billiards pool, filmmaking, photography, and art. Even these hobbies take an insane amount of skill to master. The reason I enjoy hobbies that take a lot of skill is because it pushes me to grow.

The way I feel when I learn something that I once couldn’t do, is a high that you just can’t beat. I love how sometimes I try something so hard that it makes me want to give up because I feel as if I’ll never be able to do it, but yet I just keep on trying and trying until I eventually do it for the first time and then I’m reminded that no matter how hard something is in life…if I just keep trying and never give up, then you can achieve absolutely anything that you put your mind to.

There’s a lot you can learn about life and yourself just by throwing a yoyo.


I Love teaching others. No matter what they’re skill level. Just passing on the knowledge is the best.


That’s awesome to hear. I want to teach yoyoing on my YouTube channel as well. Trying to learn as much as I can right now


Yoyo is a great lesson and similarly to you Cotton I love the journey of learning a new trick and the high u get when you are finally able to hit something you’ve been trying to hit for a long time. Teaching people how to yoyo is also something that I love to do.


Yeah you definitely can’t beat that feeling. Sometimes my wife walks in and is like what the heck is going on in here :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’m just like “LETS GOO!”


Yeah but really louddddd




I yo-yo because it was stipulated Aversion therapy as part of my conditional prison release program.

By altering the focus of my aggressive energy, it helps me keep my promise to myself to Never Kill again.


I was once in line throwing one of my fancy throws and this HOT blonde walks up to me and says “are you in anger management also?”
I’m like no. They gave her a YoYo so if she got ANGRY, then play with the toy instead of getting angry. Who thinks this crap up?


Anyway, I throw just because I can. Also if I’m throwing I’m not drinking whisky.
I love a tight bind that snaps back smartly to the hand. I love how I can throw and my mind wanders but my hands are on autopilot. Repeaters are fantastic for this kind of meditation and I highly recommend.


I’ve been playing with yoyo’s since I was in single digits. Since having our kids I can play yoyo around them where riding motorbikes is much rarer prospect.


I have a friend who’s a therapist and she has all kinds of fidget toys for patients to pick up if they want during sessions. Maybe it’s kinda the same…a little.


I picked up a yoyo when I was five and it felt right. Yoyoed ever since. There’s something about my relationship to the yoyo that just lifts my spirits and brings a sense of tranquility to my life, even if I just have it in my hand and I’m not throwing it.

I simply yoyo because it brings joy to my life.


The reason enjoy yoyoing no matter how frustrating no matter how stagnant my play gets, no mater how many tricks I just can not seem to figure out the secret to landing them.
The chase for that one time I do land the trick or trick element fills me with only what I can describe as joy. That makes all the years of on and off months of attempting the same trick or trick element more than worth it.

I will admit when the trick progression is not moving along as I would like and it has been a while since I had that feeling of joy, I sometimes satisfy that feeling buying throws, this is something I am trying to do less of.
Great topic


I used to YoYo all the time when I was younger and around the start of the pandemic I had decided to buy my first unresponsive YoYo - I chose a YYF dogma (still have it) and slid into collecting hard. But I have enjoyed the community for the most part, enjoyed picking up new skills in throwing. Nothing quite feels like landing that trick you have worked on so hard to learn, it’s like a feeling you got as a kid all over again. I don’t look to drop this hobby anytime soon :slight_smile:


Yoyoing calms my brain. It’s one of the best activities I’ve ever picked up for myself.


Yo-Yoing make me so fun, and meet with somany great people in around the world… after I found the bearing axle Yo-Yo… that was amaze me with so many incredible tricks!


That’s cool that she has fidget toys

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It definitely brings a ton of joy