Why do you yo-yo?

What keeps you motivated? : )

I just really enjoy it, and have fun. Learning new things, learning from others, it’s all fun.

Yoyoing can be as simple as you want it, or as complex. There’s no end to it, much like my other passion, music.

It’s fun, and I get a feeling of accomplishment when I learn a new trick that is unique to yoyoing

All the chicks, man.


Don’t forget the millions it brings in.

I like to figure stuff out. So working through tricks is a pleasing experience for me. Once I learn a trick I normally stop doing that trick.

joy and peace…



It helps me focus my Negative energy on something else. That way I won’t break my promise to myself to never kill again.

And it has helped get over my fear of polyester string.

And I have gotten good enough at 2A, that when I go bird hunting I bag so many birds I can’t sneeze with blowing feathers out my nose.

And since my personal license plate on my truck says, ‘YOYODOC’, if I quit I would be on a guilt trip about being a Poser.


Nobody wants to hang out with a poser

because it goes well with rap music

Even better with trap!

But really, I got into yoyos when I lost my job, when I got another job I slowed down a lot, then I found the downtown Plymouth yoyo club. Meeting all the great talent there really pushes me to keep throwing.

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Dunno exactly. I just really enjoy it. I think for me it doesn’t go TOO much deeper than I get fun out of playing yoyo.

I did recently finally make a few tricks of my own; beginning to understand the fun and challenge of “creating” as well. But honestly, I’d be having fun still just doing other people’s tricks, the way I do.

Other people make great tricks. No reason not to have fun doing them. :smiley:


It’s so fun.

I am homeschooled, which probably one might think that is the joy of a lifetime because you get to do whatever you want (almost) when you are not doing school. But, it does get a little boring. Yoyoing has put a big stopper in that since I started.

For the same reason some people climb mountains.
(And all the chicks)

To pee on the Peak?

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No, to collect the Peak (to sell) if you know what I’m saying…

I don’t hear the voices when I’m throwing a Yoyo…

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LEARN ALL THE STYLES and have fun. Pretty good in 1A and can do all the other styles right now except 2A becuz of no loopers…

And someone beat me to it haha

it is too much apart of me… heck it is me…

Watching people do so many things with something so timeless and practical made me want to do so as well,watching others have fun and get better makes me have fun and get better,all about eachother

To see what we can all do with the same object and then personalize it. Even all the way down to the construction on the same instrument,everybody has their on interpretation of this wonderful hobby.

I just love it