what inspires you to play yoyo?

It’s almost two years since I last played my yoyo and I’m thinking of getting back to yoyo-ing again. So what are your inspirations or motivations to have yoyo-ing as a hobby?

Ps: This is my first post so i’m hoping that I would enjoy my stay here. ;D

The fun and uniqueness of it. And you should totally start throwing again, its a great hobby.

I like that there’s always something new to try and something new to learn because tricks are being invented every day. By far the best thing though, is that the people in this hobby are generally very friendly, generous and helpful.


Couldn’t agree more. After reading an article on the news this morning about police having to be called to an incident involving Star Wars fans .vs. Doctor Who fans, and after being part of the oh-so-fued-filled cardistry community back in the day, it’s refreshing to find such a helpful, friendly community. It’s just awesome.

What inspires me? Knowing that no matter how much time I spend learning new tricks, even if I spend the rest of my life throwing yo-yos, I will NEVER know everything.

The feeling i get when i learn a new trick, the crowds i make when showing off my skill, the people i meet, and really the inspiration it gives me to really do something with my life.

Welcome to the forums, and hopefully welcome back to yoyoing! :slight_smile:

To me it is a true “bundle package” of a hobby. If you really think about it, this hobby can fill just about any niche you’re interested in. Collecting older throws, staying on top of newer throws, just throwing to relax, throwing to compete, designing your own throws, meeting new people, whatever!

That is what I appreciate about it. You can get on the forums and certainly find somebody else who shares a similar passion with you through a similar medium. It’s so simple!

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I like it because it’s a challenge. I love the feeling of mastering that once insatiable trick, that took weeks to get down. It’s also a nice temporary escape from the world.

I don’t do it for anyone but me. I have no desires to yoyo for anyone’s approval, entertainment, or attention.

I suggest doing it only for yourself, otherwise you might lose track of why you like yoyo to begin with. Figure out what you enjoy out of it.

Don’t let yoyo’ing be an “On or Off” type of thing, as in… don’t just “quit” if you’re not doing it frequently. Too often people come around like “I don’t yoyo anymore, gonna sell my yoyo’s”. Then a couple years later they come back wanting to throw again wishing they hadn’t sold their Peak collection. Happened to me, so glad I didn’t just sell my old throws, but rather dusted them off and picked up where I left off.

There is middle ground to take breaks. Just let the yoyo sit on your desk, pick it up every once and a while. Be it, once every day, or once every 2 years :wink:

It’s freeing. I don’t just look at it as a hobby but as a stress reliever and a way to express myself through such a creative art form. Without yoyoing:

I wouldn’t have friends
I wouldn’t Have christ in my life
I wouldn’t be social
I wouldn’t strive to achieve anything
I would give up at simple tasks.

Yoyoing has changed my life for the better and It still is! I’m not ready to give nor will I ever be.

Few reasons I think

First and foremost, it’s the procedure of it. It’s the sort of thing you can just zone out with, and I also like that there’s always a way to get better and surprise myself, or a way to focus on something new. There’s no rush, no competition, just whatever feels good to me.

Something is appealing about taking a simple toy and doing increasingly impressive things with it. I especially like using cheap plastics from time to time for this reason. When I pull out my Whip and bust a few fresh moves with this flimsy little child’s toy on a string, it makes me feel accomplished for some reason. Like you’ve broken outside whatever box there was supposed to be.