Why do you yo-yo?

Because why not

Cause the yoyo community is awesome and I love the feeling of string running across my fingers. Plus I love feeling the accomplishment of learning a new Yoyo trick or creating a new one.

I yoyo because no one cares if I yoyo or not except for myself.

With playing sports I enjoy them but there are people telling you that you have to try harder and practice more. With yoyos nobody could really care less if I do it or not and I get just as much satisfaction. The only one pushing me to get better is myself.

(and of course the chicks)


It’s fun to make tricks and stuff.

I only make tricks, never stuff. :’( One day I hope to learn to make stuff with my yoyo. What kind of stuff do you make? :smiley:

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I yoyo because I don’t do anything else. I don’t play sports or have any hobbies except for gaming so I yoyo. It is probably the best hobby I have ever found and will probably never give it up.

It’s a fun, creative, challenging, yet relaxing hobby, that isn’t costly, and keeps you moving in a way that’s not physically taxing. It is also a hobby that can spin off into much more than just playing. It definitely grows with you.

No matter how sad I get, the yoyo (return top) goes down and then…it will come up. If Jesus figured out how to walk on water, then I could at least try to learn how to yoyo. Jerry Seinfeld said that the worlds problems could all be solved if people would just “look to the cookie”. If people could just pick up a yoyo and throw it then all the religious and political differences would just work themselves out without a war. It’s kind of like that…why yoyo I must.

Thank you, tell your friends

Why wouldn’t I yoyo?

What else am I going to do while I wait for coffee?

I love learning other people’s tricks and discovering them on my own. I love the challenge and the reward. I don’t have to be social to enjoy it. :stuck_out_tongue: I find inspiration through videos online so that also is a big factor in my continuing to play for almost 5 years now (in March).

When I started, because every single ounce of progress and discovery was exciting. Later on, because of the community and my motivation to contribute. At this point I’m in a bit of a recovery period from the worst slump I’ve ever worked through, so mainly I’m yoyoing because it makes me angry and has lead to a really dramatic style shift that keeps me going frankly because I wanna see what happens.

because it gets my hands ready for some nighttime loving

because I can

because all of the whips and slacks really help me lasso doges and then fly them to the illuminati secret hq. wait a minu- OOOOOOH NOOOOOOO :-X :-X :-X

but in all seriousness, yoyoing has actually helped me in pretty amazing ways, for example…

  • I used to not talk to ANYONE other than my family members, now i can walk down the street without being as anti-social as i used to be (although im still pretty anti- social to non-yoyoers lol)
  • i have adhd, and therefore i get REALLY anxious and nervous sometimes (especially at yoyo contests ;)) and yoyoing is a GREAT stress reliever
  • Outside of yoyoing, i only have about 3-4 freinds at all, so it has really made me really feel like i have people who care about me besides my few freinds and all my family members :slight_smile:
  • i am pretty much addicted to it, but in a posative way
  • IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

btw, in my case, as far as da gurls go, my yoyoing kinda repels them. its pretty hilarious XD

probably one of the stupidest things I’ve read

you should read more.


I’ve been served

thats what i was shooting for bud

this is really why i yoyo:

Because I’m really cool.