What keeps you yoyoing?


So once again I’ve grown bored of yo-yoing but I don’t want to quit because, well I’m not too sure why but something is keeping me from stopping. In the beginning the goal was to make videos and possibly one day get good enough to be sponsored but seeing how I no longer care about this hobby that may never come true. Therefore I need something to spark my interest again and I’d like to ask you guys “what keeps you yo-yoing?”


Make up tricks, buy a new yoyo, learn a new style

As for me, the girl i like loves it ;).

Amnd i enjoy it


This forum and the yoyo community as a whole.


What keeps me yo-yoing is the fact that it is impossible to stop progressing.
Everyday, I get a little better at yo-yoing. Each day might be an insignificant amount by itself, but it adds up. The feeling of landing a new trick or creating one like no other gives you a sense of pride and victory.
Another reason I still give yo-yoing my best effort is because of the interaction with others. I love reading forums, watching yo-yo videos and talking to my real life friends about yo-yoing. Canadian nationals is next month, and I can’t wait to meet new people and get to talk to famous yo-yoers like Alexis JV and Harrison Lee. The yo-yo online community also possibly the most friendly place on the internet. I was browsing the #todaysthrow hashtag on Instagram when I saw some throwers in the same city as me, yo-yoing for charity. I told them I lived in Calgary too, and I asked them if they were going to Nationals, they said yes, and asked me the same question. I told them I still need to organize a ride, and they offered me one. I don’t even know these guys, and they offered me a 3 hour drive for nothing in return. I was, and still am, amazed at how nice these guys were to me, just because we are fellow yo-yoers.
Don’t worry, I was in your position too. I got bored of yo-yoing once too. If you truly believe in yo-yoing, I’m sure you won’t quit.


Yoyo is Chinese for ‘chick magnet’.

Anyway, do a hard, unpractical style for a while. Like, slippery eel, putting the string around your thumb… Whatever.

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awesome question.

to me, i don’t think it really matters “what” you practice, so long as you practice something. i really believe in attempting to perfect a thing that is inherently impossible to perfect. what i take from yo-yoing is much greater than yo-yoing will ever take from me. my yo-yo smacks me in the hands and keeps me humble, but it also gives me moments of elation and triumph (usually right before smacking me again). it gives me a vehicle to explore myself; what i’d like to be able to do, what frustrates me and why, what i find interesting… fundamentally though, i really like the “form” of yo-yoing. i like its symmetry. i find the laws which govern it fascinating. i think it’s pretty. i think it’s fun and engaging. it goes anywhere and delights people of all ages. and the people i’ve met through yo-yoing have been, by and large, intelligent, and fun, and unbelievably creative.


The chicks dawg


thanks for the great responses guys, not sure if I’ll continue but for the moment I’m back into it (:

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Knowing I’m more fabulous than anyone.

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I do it for Jake chan waifu. <3


I do it for John-chan waifu. <3


It’s just kinda ingrained to me at this point. I may get to the point where I stop someday… But I’ll probably always enjoy it enough that it won’t be an issue. Certainly there are times to step back from it a bit… But it’s nothing so important that I’m ever worried how much I do or don’t do it.


If you dont already impress people with yoyoing, start. I feel like it would be really fun. I havent yet, but i plan to someday street preform.


I normally will take breaks where I’ll get into it for about a week out of every month or 2 months. That and new yoyo will always get me to play a little more


I want to become proficient at another uncommon hobby. I can already solve a Rubik’s cube in under 30 seconds and Yo yoing is a similar kind of hobby. I’m thinking juggling next. I just want to have talents. Most people don’t really have any. That’s what keeps me going.


Just keep practicing and finding new trick online. I posted a similar thread about a few days ago pretty much saying the same stuff, so you might find some other tips there. But keep thinking of your ultimate goal; to get sponsored and make videos. You might not think of how interesting that may sound now but in the end, think of how awesome it would be if you could just walk up to someone and be like, “Eyo, I’m a sponsored yoyo-er. That means I’m legit.”


Once I have a hobby I like, I generally get “addicted” and cling to it for a few weeks up to 2 years then get bored and quit :stuck_out_tongue: I’m hoping this will be the one hobby I stick with for more than 3 years :slight_smile:


Lol opposite of me, just started cubing @_@ thats pretty fast, my fastest is 56 secs using keyhole method.


hahaha my wife will never let me show anyone lmao!! I don’t care I just enjoy it


I have been throwing a lot lately, but that hasn’t always been the case from the start. I had a fixed axle yoyo when I was a kid that me dad bought me, and at that time I was so young that I didn’t have the dexterity to progress much, but the yoyo wasn’t capable of much anyway. I have left and come back to the yoyo several times over the years, but each time I have returned it has been with more enthusiasm than the time before. The first throw I got that I thought was amazing was a Team Losi. Not much by today’s standards but I still have it. At this point in my life, it is a welcome release from the daily grind. For me, it’s like surfing. It’s just something that I can do and forget about everything else while I’m doing it.