Little Motivation to Yoyo Anymore

Title says it all. I went from playing almost consistently at least 30-60 mins a day, into only about one hour weekly, and all that only on regular yoyo club meet which I still go to because they are great friends less about that they are also yoyoers, been like this in the last couple months. Also been selling off a portion of my collection for other hobbies that get old quickly anyway.
There is little motivation to go on contests anymore, every new yoyo is seemingly just the same old thing with slightly different specs that barely have any performance difference. I used to be REALLY into practicing hard and even getting frustrated, and still having “fun” out of it, now it all feels old and nothing drives me to do that anymore. I still love talking about yoyos, but much less playing it anymore.
Anyone ever felt the same?
If you were me, what will you do?

It’s a hobby, if it isn’t fun, find your fun somewhere else. :slight_smile:

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^ Inspiration 101 right there.

Honestly, as forge55b said, if you’re genuinely not enjoying it, then maybe it just isn’t for you. You shouldn’t force yourself to do something that you don’t enjoy, so perhaps it’s time to try a different hobby.

Or, if nothing else… take a break from it. You might find in a couple of weeks/months you’re drawn back to it with renewed vigour.  :slight_smile:

Take a hiatus, you’ll find you still love it when you come back.

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Thanks so much for this link

i had a friend who thought he was done with yoyoing so he locked all his yoyos in a box and decided he would sell them when he had too… two weeks later he pried the box open and came up with the most amazing combos…

just take a small break dont touch them at all and if you dont ever play with them again then sell them.

If I were you pick up a Yoyo and throw it for about 30 minutes. If you enjoy it then keep throwing. If you didn’t enjoy the time spent (or you found it a chore) then maybe take a break from throwing for a little bit and maybe try again when you feel like it. But, if I were you dint sell your whole entire collection because you may get back into the hobby later in life.

I got back into yoyo in 2010 after a long break from throwing as a kid. Basically I didn’t know where to go after the yoyo boom as I felt like I knew most of the tricks at the time.

I slowed down on playing yoyo after 2012 as I hit that block of intermediate and advanced tricks. I still threw here and there - mainly near Bay Area Classic. Lately I got back into throwing again and even made a friend at Bay Area Classic. We both are almost at the same spot in yoyoing, to keep us motivated we are always checking out new tutorials. We still also challenge each other at new tricks. After that 2012 to 2015 break I felt like it was time to start throwing again and even picked up some fresh yoyos I knew I’d stick with.

Motivation comes differently for everyone. I get my motivation from the competitive spirit that I have. When I first started yo-yoing, I looked at videos, mostly Jensen Kimmits 2010 world’s and some Shinji Saito worlds winning routine.

I wanted to be up there, I wanted to be good. I myself can’t help not being good at something, so I try my best to improve.

Most importantly find what got you into yoyoing in the first place. Find the joy that you receive she you create art. We are all artists, we all have different trick composition that can be compared to different styles of art.

The yoyo you use shouldn’t really affect how you play, play how you feel you should play.

Things change, life moves on, I wouldn’t worry about yo-yoing less. Yoyoing should bring joy, challenge, relaxation, but should never have to be forced.

I’m not driven like I once was but I have discovered that I find more joy, more pleasure, more satisfaction from sharing yo-yoing with those with limited or no exposure to the activity. When I see the exhilaration that landing the simplest trick has for someone new to yo-yoing, it really registers with me. It is awesome to share their experience and energy at that moment and reminds me of the day when I landed my first trapeze. I love it!

The interesting thing is that whether it is developing my own skills or helping others develop theirs, I’m still yoyoing. If I ever reach that point in life when yoyoing has no value or holds little interest for me any longer, I’ll put it away.

Often times I put things behind me only to discover that later on those same things are once again pursued.

I guess that’s a long winded way to say, “Don’t sweat it.”

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Pretty much it. “Don’t sweat it.”

It’s not like it’s a significant other that you’ve fallen out of love with and can’t figure out how to end the relationship. You just put the yoyos away and do the things that bring you joy. You don’t owe your yoyos anything. They’re just toys. :slight_smile:

The fact that you’re sweating it at all shows how deeply yoyoing is in you “somewhere”, so keep at least one or two.

Beyond that… I’m just saying the same things others have said: have fun doing other things. Yoyo will be there for you if you ever want it again.

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Watch the yeti video with Charles and andrew

Maybe try out a different style. I was in the same boat so I just got a fixed axle and started trying to hit my same tricks on it. Was a lot of fun and got me back into it.

I was also going to suggest, pick up another style or substyle. I don’t know why, but I have this urge to learn some 5A stuff, I know a handful of the tutorials on here. 1A is my main but 5A is a nice change of pace when 1A tricks are feeling stagnant. I also have a YYF Flight that could use some love, another style to learn.

Recently I started playing around with fixed axle, basically taking my childhood and turning it in every which way with a new twist. As a kid I played mainly fixed axle until I got my Fireball when I had learned many classic tricks. Today’s fixed axle completely changed the game for me while bringing back the nostalgia of fixed axle yoyos.

Quit and never touch a yoyo again.

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He asked for motivation. Lol.

Try double dragon
Or try 3x4a

If you aren’t feeling it, just pack your stuff in a box and set it aside and go do something else that makes you happy. Maybe you’ll come back to it, maybe you won’t, but taking a little break is a great thing for anyone.

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Keep a few yoyos and supplies if you ever want to return. Take a hiatus, don’t keep on forcing yourself to play.

a lot of people have offered great advice. i think the most important thing is just not hanging anything on it. if you yo-yo TO GAIN SOMETHING, it will probably end up turning to poison. personally, i don’t take breaks. i do yo-yo every day. but i can only really keep doing that because i get my sense of self worth and achievement from other areas of my life. so yo-yoing can really JUST be about fun and exploration for me. whenever it’s something i feel COMPELLED to do, it feels like a major headache. fortunately it’s pretty much always something i go to to feel more relaxed and more like myself. whenever that changes, i’ll give it up without a second thought.

… ok i totally sounded like an addict at the end there.