An Entirely Real Possibility

(J. Lev) #1

There is an entirely real possibility that, one day, you will stop caring about yoyoing.

“Not me!” you say. “Never! I wake up in the morning and before I roll out of bed I check YYE, I do tricks on the toilet, I design by BSTs on the bus. I could never get disconnected from yoyoing.”

Oh yes you can. There are people to whom it never happens, and there are people that never saw it coming. I started college two years ago and stopped yoyoing abruptly. Sure, I’d pick up a wheel and toss it around when I was thinking about a paper, or maybe I’d go outside on a really nice day, but yoyoing forums and all of the nonsense that comes with being super involved in yoyoing died away really quickly.

But the real gem of it all, the thing that I actually, truly miss, is the creativity.

I can’t manage to stand in a room alone and make a trick. Because yoyoing has become so distant for me, my attention span for it has plummeted dramatically. It’s not because I’m not involved in the forums, it’s because I’ve just found other things to do, and my life has gotten so busy that I don’t really have the disposable time to spend on yoyoing.

And so the lesson to pull out of this one, for you, the forum-visiting, new yoyo-buying, fancy-video making folks, is that, one day, you may get disenchanted with yoyoing. What to do now, while it still holds your attention, while it is still one of the most exciting things in your life, is to find the part of it that really matters. If it’s your community, hold on to that. If it’s the tricks, hold on to those. If it’s modding, stick with it. Because one day, you’ll be glad that you spent the time on that, and not the extra things that don’t matter to you.


i agree

and i disagree

i love yoyoing… i’ve stopped caring about learning new tricks though

reason being: i have no one to really share them with/no one who understands the difficulty behind them.

if i had a club that i could easily access, yoyoing would be much more fun to me. right now it is a stress reliever. i yoyo and it makes me happy even when i do nothing but throw it down and bind it up. i’ll start caring about tricks when i can actually yoyo with someone irl. till then, it’s just a therapeutic toy for me



(Jei Cheetah) #4

Your post has failed in the largest possible way.

Jeremy, bro, missed seeing you around, and thanks for sharing this message.
I have been throwing a LONG time, and I know how you feel, times get busy, the spark sometimes fades, and there have been times when I havent picked up a yoyo in a while, simply because, I lost interest. For some reason, I find myself coming back, but it’s not the case for everyone.

I hope that with what I do in yoyoing will leave an impact on others for the day I maybe one day put the throws away for good, and your message is one I hope all kids will take to heart. Make the most of what you have now, cause one day, the spark can fade, or who knows what can happen.

Much love Jeremy, I know you don’t throw much now, but for what it’s worth, your tricks will always be some of my favorite. :slight_smile:



All rings pretty true, J. Lev. Those of us who haven’t had those feelings about yoyoing have surely had them about other passions or hobbies that are now in the rearview mirror.

I’ll be sad if and when that day comes, but my “plan” (if you can really plan these things) is to enjoy it to the extent that Mediumwell describes… maybe I won’t have passion for learning tricks and creating combos, but I hope I’ll still find some relief in it as a stress reliever or a way to spend time (at doctors’ office, etc) instead of spending it playing games on my phone.

I think small goals and not overextending myself are helping. Can’t seem to get Spirit Bomb consistent, but I keep at it… day after day… and still find it fun when I land it perfectly. If I had given myself more lofty goals, I probably would have lost some spark already; not achieving your goals can suck. So with the less important things in life (yoyoing, as much as I love it, isn’t in the same league as caring for my family!) I set small goals. I save lofty goals for things like being a good father and husband.

So yeah. It’ll possibly (and even probably) happen to most of us. I think it’s very wise to encourage people to hold onto the best part of it for as long as it lasts. Thanks for sharing your perspective!


Some things in life come and go, whether it takes months or years. some will eventually phase out.

but that is no excuse to why you should stop now. keep on Throwing.


They always come back. ;]

(SR) #8

I couldn’t agree with you more. I fell out of yoyoing for a year or so, and got back into it around 10 months ago maybe. I never thought I would, but it happened.

Good to see you back, Xdohl. :wink:


I might be there right now…

I’ve barely thrown since I got back from Vietnam. I’m not forcing it, but the enthusiasm has dropped way down. I think it’s just all the personal crap I got going on. I’m also looking at investing in new audio gear to support future business that is actually based mostly around skill toy contests, as well as saving up for repairs so I can get back into getting larger events again(concerts). I’m shooting for a new compact digital mixer for things like BAC real fast. I found a bit of gear for $650 that is retailing for $800 that I could probably get for $750 in a store. But, I’m trying to figure if I really need that price tag and maybe can go with something less expensive and with different/less features(doesn’t include decks). If I don’t get that DJ-rig(as I’m not a DJ), I have more money to dump into a the compact digital mixer. However, I will need an iPad with the mixer but I can use a last year’s model iPad that will save me money as well. I just know that this is the last month I will allow any such spending so I gotta get my crap together fast. Starting in May, it’s hardcore savings as I gotta repair or replace the amp units before August. My monthly yoyo budget will be reduced, but that’s OK, it’s time for that to happen anyways.

I’ll get back into it again soon. I ain’t quitting, but I’m just not happy in general. Another depression crash.