lately i havent had much time to throw, im loosing interest. i want to keep yoyoing really bad… how should i renew my love?


Get a plastic like the psg or asteriod. Take it out and beat the heck out out of it working on slacks whips and a bunch of body stuff. Just get wild and don’t care about smashing up your yoyo…play in public play everywhere you go. Meet people. It’s funny how many people love to talk yoyo with you. The other day an eldery (late 60 early 70)lady stopped by and watched me playing a little. She told me she was just teaching her grandson how to throw. I pulled out a raider from my pocket and granny threw down some of the smoothest old school trick routines I’ve seen in a while. Made me smile big.


I impressed an old lady a while back.

It was in Sam’s club. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m similar from the standpoint that I don’t have much time to throw. However, I haven’t lost interest. Work stuff just prevents me from breaking away and throwing as I’d like to.

If you can, make some time. I can’t right now, but after this event this weekend, I WILL have time.

Get a new yoyo. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just has to be something different. That might spark it again.

Find a club, team or meets. I run meets most weekends. Great way to meet others and keep that energy flowing.

Go to contests. Sure, I see how bad I suck. I don’t care! It makes me want to get better. But, the environment is what’s most important. CalStates had amazing energy. I did this tiny little yoyo contest, the Horizon YoYoContest. Small or not, the Horizon YoYoContest had the same high energy and passion that CalStates had, just with fewer people. It’s not how BIG the contest is, it’s the people who attend! You’ll get caught up and get feeling good all over. Bring your yoyos and be ready to have someone teach you something.

You’ve already got most of the right mindset. You seem to want to get back into it. That’s an excellent start in the right direction.

However, throw for YOURSELF first. Don’t worry about pleasing others. Enjoy your accomplishments, both large and small. Ignore the haters, ignore the critics. It takes me forever to learn new tricks, yet I don’t care as I’m still having fun.


what yoyo’s do you have total


I have about 90 throws from imperial to cheif and love every one


I say, take a break… I tend to go in cycles of playing a lot, and playing a little, sometimes even going weeks without picking one up… and I say its worth it to follow the cycle because everytime I come back, my skill takes a big jump up


About a month ago, I got pretty lazy and demotivated. I got myself back into the urge just a little bit but still feel lacking. I can guarantee that next weekend will give me a nice kick in the rear when I go to the Bay Area Classic competition. I’m looking forward to picking up some new throws (that always motivates me), meeting other players, watching the competition, and perhaps learning some new tricks.


I’ve felt the same way all year. Once Summer started I bought some new string and started learning new tricks. It’s working really well.

If you haven’t learned all the tricks on this site’s tutorial section I’d advise starting there.


Just go to contest and yoyo meet.
That would generally recharge your love to yoyoing.


I was at shopping mall and asked one of mall security guys of there was a place that sold yoyos and we got into a conversation about them and I handed him my yoyo and he was pullin out some pretty cool tricks



What tricks?


A lot of my inspiration comes from watching yoyo vids. Especially when I see people like Gentry Stein or John Chow, they just blow my mind. But another huge chunk comes from just having fun with a yoyo. Get creative :wink:


Just in case you lose interest… You could start another hobby and then come back to yoyo-ing.
That happened to me recently. I started off yoyoing then I lost interest. I switched to piano and today I love to do both.



Stop yo-yoing. Then dedicate one free day where you can just yo-yo for a fwe hours straight. Ideas just flow out.



Watch videos of people yoyoing, it always makes me motivated to learn more.
You could also get a new yoyo. It’s fun to try something new! :slight_smile:


Personally I would take a break because I feel like that sometimes and when I take a break I feel renewed. Also go to competitions or events. I went to worlds a couple of weeks ago and that just got me pumped up it was unimaginable but meeting new people who love to YO helps too. Hope I helped.


If you want to keep yo-yoing do it one tip though it helps if you consantly learn new tricks for me I usually want keep learning but in kind of a slum when I want to keep yo-yoing but I cant figure out the trick so I keep trying or take a day or two off yo-yoing and then get back in it and I usually keep yo-yoing for the next month or two


watch shinya kido’s mv