Losing interest, but I dont want to?

Yah this is really wierd. Part of me doesnt want to pick up the yoyo, Another side is like, “pick it up try something new”. Its so wierd because I dont in any want to lose interest in my favorite hobby. do I need a break. Or is this the time I need to start yoyoing harder? Has this happened to any of you?

yah i stop for a few days then i can’t resist picking it up again

Take a break for awhile until you want to throw again. I stopped for a couple of months due to family problems, and one day I saw my yoyo and I wanted to throw it so bad. The rest is history.

I faced this to, one time I lost interest, and I quit, then a few years later, I started yo-yoing again. If you don’t want to take a break, then try something different, as in try a different style, you might just be losing interest in doing the same tricks over and over, I was starting to lose interest at one time, then I tried a few styles, and I liked 2A, so now I practice 1A and 2A, and I really enjoy it, or just try some different tricks then your doing now.
I hope this helped you.

watch some people yoyo, or find a person that yoyos nearby, that keeps my interest a lot. anyway, Once I was at the point that I didn’t think I would improve, but thats because I was stuck with the easy tricks That I could do in the first time. It’s about perseverance, good luck.

ya thats what I was going to say…mabye you just need some inspiration. go watch someone really good and hopfully it will motivate you to get back into it

I know exactly how you feel!! I used to throw waaaaay back in the day and just recently picked it up again. I got frustrated with not being able to pull off new tricks fairly quickly and kind of lost some interest and then my life just got super busy and I kind of just let my yoyo’s sit.

Just this week I picked up my yoyo again and I pulled off an atomic bomb, ripcord and just a little while ago a plastic whip!!! So I think it pays off to take a little break once in a while if your frustrated and then try again later =)

Yeah… I reccomend picking up a new style, like 5A or 3A or 4A or 2A or what ever…

Thanks alot guys. I think I will start some 5a. I always digged that style.

don’t TRY to want to do it. that’s counterproductive. keep a yo-yo on you or in places where you are often (they’re small and fit everywhere), and just throw if you’re compelled to throw. the moment it becomes something that you’re stressed out about WANTING to do, you’ll grow to resent it and burn out. yo-yo should never feel like an obligation.

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I stopped for several months. And one day I just picked it back up and played for weeks straight. I think we all get a little burned out. Especially if there’s a trick that’s got you stumped. But if you love yoyo-ing then eventually you’ll pick it up again. Don’t “force” yourself. You’ll only get even more frustrated.

im going through the same situation and i always pick up my yoyo but i did take a little break

I keep my yo handy some times i’ll throw while im waiting for the kids/lady to get ready,kettle to boil paint to dry or i’ll have a sesh for a few hours or i leave it for a few days what ever just let it flow into your day!

try to go to a yoyo meet.
meet other thrower.
its always works for me, i hope it’s work to you too.

This had happend to me. When I was a standstill and couldn’t really get the hang of any new tricks. What I did is I just fiddled around and did tricks i could do without thinking like matrix. I got a lot better at yoyoing just doing this. But from what it sounds like, your getting tired of it. What i’d do is go onto youtube and look at some new tricks or start trying 5a to get you going again. Or just take a break. That hatrick will star at you until it forces you to pick it up again… 8)

It’s kinda hard to do this when your almost the only one in town that yoyo’s :stuck_out_tongue: and if your the only one in the Family that does it to…

yah thats my storie lol

I’m the only one in my family, city, state, as far as I can tell. But that actually motivates me. Since I’m the only yoyoer around I work hard to represent yoyoing as fun, and challenging.

Stop yoyoing, you will find out if you want to.