Ahhh. Help me.

Ok guys. I went through a phase like this awhile back. But…im losing interest.

I dont know what it is. All the sudden I just dont seem as “into” yoyoing anymore. I mean yeah I still like it but ive lost alot of interest. Ive been depressed lately for reasons id like to keep to myself, i dont know if this has anything to do with it but ive just lost interest.

Dont know what to do. Maybe you guys can give me some advice.

Ive tried watching vids for inspiration and ive tried making up tricks and all that. Im afraid to take a break cuz i might not get back into it. :-[

im in the same boat, i started to do alot of 5a and that peaked my interest, its a bit harder imo but ive found it more rewarding when i land a new 5a trick than when i land a new 1a trick. it also seems easier for me to make stuff up when im doing 5a, and that makes it interesting as well.

You are contradicting yourself. You dont want to yoyo, but you want to yoyo so you want to try to want to yoyo even though you dont want to yoyo?

Just stop. Completely. If you really do like yoyos, you will come back to it. Try to go 1 week without a yoyo, at all. You will see your life is completely changed, and that you need it in your life.

1 week.

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Take a break. It’s that simple.
I know you’re afraid of not being able to come back to yo-yoing, but I really think that taking a break from it will do you good. Like what Samad said, if you really like yo-yos, then you’ll eventually find yourself back in the spobby. The only thing that is worse than not yo-yoing is yo-yoing without having fun.

This has happened to me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many times.

I was really worried too, but I always get back into “normal” yoyoing sooner or later. It happended to me 5 days ago, and yesterday, I got back into it.

Don’t worry, if you do lose interest for about a month, then try making a video. I don’t know why, but making good videos really get me back into it.

Same here. I don’t know what it is but now i can only get in about 10 mins tops of yoyoing.

That made no sense to me haha

Read it a few times, you’ll get it. It took me some time to figure out what it meant, I’ll try to put it into words that are easy to understand though:

You don’t want to yoyo, but you want to want to yoyo.


Take a 1 month break, i got board of yoyoing and i took like a 2 year break, and started in 2009 again. (the yoyo game changed up allot in 2 years… :stuck_out_tongue: i was supprised)…

take a breather and don’t do anything stupid…hahaha ;D

Learn easy tricks??? Like underneath your skill, but those that you didn’t learn before. Helped me… it was white bhudda.

I agree with the others. Take a break. It’s okay, everybody needs to at some point. What may cause this feeling might even be overexposure to yo-yo’s and yo-yo related things. Just relax and forget about yo-yoing for a while. It might also help to get over your depression phase as well. I think Samad put it very well: “If you really do like yo-yo’s, you will come back to it.”

Well here is something, to me I think its more fun if you do it with a friend, or try to get other people interested. Because i know how boring it is doing it alone :’(

Also try to think about what you will look like in the future. Ask yourself ‘What will i look like in a year, or even a month’ then imagine yourself, and strive to become that person.

Lastly, whenever i get bored of the same thing, if i can, i would get a new yoyo. Im sure every body has that feeling of boredom of useing the same yoyo, so i found that having something new always gets me excited.

Final Thought:
Even if you get back into yoyo dont over due it, take breaks make yourself wait, and you sould be yoyoing forever.

Hope this helps, and hope you dont stop :slight_smile: :smiley: ;D