Ok I have some news, and this is not a late april fools joke. I think im very slowly losing interest in yoyos. I still throw and have fun and stuff, but not as much as I used to. Like I said, I think im just very slowly losing interest in them.

Any tips on getting my yoyo spirit back up? I’ve taken up a new play style (4A) and that seemed to have helped a LITTLE.

Come on guys, i want to keep throwing but for some reason im losing interest, what do i do??? :frowning: :frowning: ??? :frowning: :o :frowning: :’( :’(

Not sure man, this happens to people all the time. Don’t wanna lose you in the yoyo community man :frowning:

What about you leave the yoyos alone for a whole day, don’t touch them at all. See how much you NEED to play yoyo :), you might need to play them again. If you enjoy not playing with them and don’t want to play yoyos…

I dont want to leave the YoYo Community. :stuck_out_tongue: .

i’ll try that. Although I think i’ll fail and pick one up. :wink:

Do you meet up with other ppl to throw? That can really help get you back into it - try learning a new trick each time you meet back up with them.

No I dont. But I am meeting about 5 people at North Carolina States.

Have you hit a plateau in tricks. That is where I’ve always found people to lose interest. When I used to teach classes, I would notice once kids got to a certain level, and couldn’t progress anymore, they just kinda put the yoyo down and never picked it up again. It’s like a case of the “I Wants”. I want to be able to do that really cool trick I saw on the video. And when you can never hit it, you start to just be like, “Oh well”. Try picking up on some different tricks, find one your good at, and make a variation. Stuff like that. But whatever you do…KEEP ON THROWING!!!

You may not like this idea, but you shold read it anyway.

If you are starting to lose interest, then you shouldn’t keep playing. When you see one, it is alright to still pick it up and do a few tricks. I just don’t think you should force yourself to use it. I think a lot of people lose interst in yoyos if they get frustrated and can’t do a trick or something. Maybe it is just time to call it quits for awhile.

I’m kinda in the same thing.

  1. Dont yo for a day

  2. Show off some of your tricks-- It makes you feel better

  3. Stay with your best style… 4A is bad because you mess a lot which makes yoyo seem >:(

  4. TALK ON HERE!!! If you talk and help people with yoyos it’ll make you happpy!

-Hope this helps!


Im going to pretend I didnt hear that. That didnt help much at all, that made it worse if anything. Thanks anyway though :cry:

well, a first good step is taking up a new style. It seems you have already done that. have you tried 2A? or 3A or 5A? trying these could also help.
second go watch a couple yo-yo videos like Stronger and/or Ex3cute.
Third think bacck to all the fun time(s) you have had thanks to yoing.
fourth try making up tricks.
fifth try learning a new trick or two. I reccomend YoYoSkills tutorials for tricks that are not on here.
and finally go pick up a yo-yo and throw, also try making up a trick.

Sometimes that happens to me. Try to throw with other people or just take a break for a couple of days. Whatever you do, DON"T GET RID OF YOUR STUFF! Hold on to it for a while because eventually, you’ll regain interest. :slight_smile:

Make up tricks. Express your creativity. Find mounts you like, and just work from there. Also, have you learned the tricks from here? Youtube? Keep learning, and dont slow down.

I have to agree though, if its not fun to you, then dont do it for awhile. You shouldn’t force yourself.

Ooh, sorry to here that man. Well, sometimes I have the same feeling all because I wonder why I even yo-yo.

What helps me is that I watch videos and the freestyles inspire me to keep throwing.

Try that, maybe that will work. If that doesn’t work then learn a new trick or try to make your own. The feeling of accomplishment will spark your spirit up again.

Also, yo-yo during alone time, you may just have that thing where you believe watching is good enough.

~Spin On!

this is acually storting to happen to me but I found out why

you probebly need a new yoyo. It helps let you say"hey this yoyo is a lot different. mabye I’ll play more

hope it helps :wink:

If you are a beginner/ intermediate yoyo player, go to Youtube and find some cool yoyo tutorials and KEEP PRACTICING what you are learning, and don’t give up on your tricks. Wach couple of cool yoyo videos, so those videos can inspire you! Keep it up and keep throwing! The number one advice is: BE CREATIVE!!!

Happy Throwing! =]

show off to your friends and see how much they like it and you will enjoy it. people will say that that is amazing.
good luck

I just try to make a list? Like if I’m going to go onstage. I just try to find a routine to do onstage. And do it again…

I say you get your friends to buy yoyos and then just throw with them…show off how much better you are :stuck_out_tongue: If anything you will have people to just hang out with :smiley:

thats wut i did with my freinds